JYJ 'The Beginning' Showcase Tour 2010 in Malaysia
Friday, October 22, 2010 01:55

Have been a while since the last blog update but seriously, I really have to update it this time. Some stuffs I would like to share but the best always come last so be patient :) Anyway, just a short update on the places I've been during my semester break. All photos are available at my Facebook account.

Malacca Trip:

Link: Malacca Trip (1/10/2010)

Sitiawan Trip:

Link: Marina Island, Pangkor
Cameron Trip:

Link: Cameron Trip (4/10/2010)

Desa Parkcity:

Alright, now to the main point of this post. I went for JYJ's (Xiah Junsu, Micky Yuchun, Hero Jaejung) "The Beginning" Showcase at Stadium Negara on the 17th of October 2010! First and foremost, I was never a JYJ nor TVXQ fan before this and I knew nothing bout them. All I knew was TVXQ, a Korean boy band got broken up and three of them formed another group known as JYJ.

In case if you do not know TVXQ or DBSK:

and JYJ:

Okay, this might sound gay but I paid RM250++ for the ticket and I enjoyed the showcase a lot! The showcase was SUPER DUPER AWESOME! Though the showcase was a little short but it was totally worth it. These 3 are so talented that they sounded exactly like the mp3's you get to download online!

In case if you're wondering, JYJ are currently on a world tour to promote their first album called "The Beginning" and they collaborated with Kanye West to produce this particular album:

The album is totally in English and the songs are awesome! "The Beginning" includes:

1. Intro (Composedby Brian Kim / BJD)
2. Ayyy Girl feat. Kanye West (Composed by Kanye West)**
3. Empty (Composed by Rodney Jerkins)***
4. Be My Girl (Composed by Rodney Jerkins)***
5. Still in Love (Composed by Kim, Jaejung)
6. I Can Soar (Composed by Kim, Junsu)
7. I Love You feat. Flowsik (Composed by Park, Yuchun)**
8. Be The One (Composed by Jae Chong)***

You guys could download the digital album here.

The showcase tickets were sold off within 30 minutes. Crazy! Stadium Negara was packed with 6,000++ JYJ fans. Though they were not that complete without the other 2 members (U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin), JYJ were awesome as a 3 member group. We were lucky that we were able to get three seats for the showcase with Serena C as the emcee. Did not take any photos as DSLRs were not allowed into the stadium that day. However, I've managed to get a few photos from other bloggers. Credits to LUHARU DREAM and Azrin Arizz:

The fans:

The 'Red Sea':

JYJ in action:

Also, a few interesting quotes by JYJ themselves:

"Aku cinta padamu lah"
"We'll be coming back to Malaysia for a concert next summer"
"It's hot here in Malaysia"
Jaejung agreed that "Malaysian girls are the hottest!"

Also, a few shots from JYJ's Press Conference which are for the VIPs. Photos credits to LUHARU DREAM:

The boys:

Xiah Junsu:

Hero Jaejung:

Micky Yuchun:

and our emcee, Serena C:

P/S: I can't help but to notice that these boys are always in a fixed arrangement when they're seated, most of the time when they're performing and also in album covers! Try noticing this or you could even look at the photos above once again. Hero will always be in the middle while Micky will be on his left and Xiah will always be on his right. Interesting!

They were a bit shy when they were here in Malaysia. It was sad that Micky was the only one who did all the talking as he was English educated but let's wait for next summer to see them here again in Malaysia!

By the way, the company (CJes) released 99,999 copies of JYJ's "The Beginning" Luxury Edition albums but there were already approximately 500,000 pre-orders for that particular album. The album was priced at RM150.00 inclusive of a JYJ tee and poster while the Normal Edition which also has 200,000 pre-orders was sold at RM50.00 each with a free poster at each purchase. However, we were extremely lucky to get one of each album:

"The Beginning" Luxury Edition
The outside (front):

The outside (back):

The inside:

The albums comes with a lyric book:

and colour-printed JYJ photos:

"The Beginning" Normal Edition:

and the free poster that comes with every purchase of JYJ album:

Finally, a short video of JYJ when they were in the press conference. Got this video from YouTube and I find it super cute! Check out when Hero says "Aku cinta padamu...lah".

Surprisingly, I've became a JYJ fan now and sadly, I am only starting to appreciate TVXQ's songs after they "broken up". Anyway, let's hope that they will get back together after all these drama and stuffs. Like all the Cassies say, "Always keep the faith!". Good night and take care!

P/S: Try listening to those songs above that are noted with asterisks. There are my all-time favorite songs along with Chajatta and Too Love from Sungkyunkwan Scandal (video attached below). Have been listening to these songs everyday! JYJ Hwaiting!

*Photo credits to Luharu, Azrin Arizz, Redstar, Aprilfy and Google Image. Sorry if I missed out anyone.

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