FEStival: The Photoshoot
Friday, July 2, 2010 20:13

Alright, my blog is officially dead for the past few months *sighs*. The past few weeks was really busy for me. Anyway, just a quick update. UTAR had their annual FEStival the past two weeks and it was cool. In fact, it was way cooler than the previous one :P

Basically, I suggested that my club has an additional booth for free photoshoot besides the existing games booth and the results turned out quite cool. I was hoping more people to come though but all thanks to my friends and buddies for all their support. Just a few handpicked shots and they're also my favourite shots to share:

Much thanks to Alvin Wong for the idea, Eu-Tjin for the flash photography tutorials and also the photographers :)

There were quite a number of events for the past few weeks and I would not be able to update you guys here but one thing to share about, it's super cool to get to know more people.

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