What happened in February and March
Saturday, March 20, 2010 14:30

Woot! It has been a while since my last update. Sorry peeps, was really busy these few weeks with tests, assignments and lab reports. Yeah yeah, Aaron is always busy with stuffs right? So a little recap on what I did on February and March.

First and foremost, I am actually trying to expand my Photoshop skills. Yeah, I do have limited time after tests, assignments and lab reports but photography and photo editing is too "addictive"! By the way, I currently have this in mind for my next Photoshop project. Basically I planned to combine my "multiple personality" project with a new "hologram project". LOL, sounds abit complicated uh? Hopefully, I could get it done after my university stuffs aight?

Basically, I've changed my display picture earlier this month. I changed from this:

To this:

What is so special about my new profile picture? The truth is, I kind of have this phobia of clowns. Yeah, as in those you see in the circus or like the one in my profile picture. Basically, we met this Mr. Clown when we were at Ikano. It was some sort of an unplanned trip and many problems came up after that. Most importantly, the problems are all solved right? All smiles!

Photos taken when we were on our way to Ikano:

Alright, when it comes to Ikano's Food Court. You guys gotta try the food there *slurs*, especially their Swedish meatballs! Although I got screwed for taking a few shots there, here are a few of those shots for you. Time to get hungry guys :)

So, we ate, we did some shopping and we were on our way back. Remember Mr. Clown that I mentioned earlier? It was in the bus when we first met him. We chatted all the way to the LRT station and of course to Masjid Jamek where he went down the LRT. Funny guy, *duh* he's a clown.

That is where I got my profile picture from. By the way, a few photos were underexposed on purpose. Was trying out some editing with Photoscape.

Next event was Friends' Night which was organised by City Harvest Church. An awesome event with special performances by Shawn Lee and An Honest Mistake. Was invited by my CF kakis and I went. The theme was Bridging Colours and that is the reason why all of us were in orange that night.

It was CF's Movie Day last week and we had a preview of a movie entitled "End of the Spear" by Jim Hanon. The movie was about missionaries who were trying to reach out to the "Waodani". The movie was awesome and together with a few packets of Cheezels and Soya Bean, my house was compatible with TGV or GSC :)

And I wonder if you guys noticed that most of the people are into K-Pop and it's like a Korean Hits "tsunami" that hit Malaysia or something. I don't know about you but my friends are like talking bout Korean chicks and hunks here, there and everywhere. Well, that does not mean it excludes me, I do listen to Korean songs but in a wide range. A few songs here and there just to keep me awake during lecture breaks and stuffs. So if you heard band names like Girls' Generation, After School, Super Junior, Kara, 2pm, Big Bang and many others, BEWARE, you are getting poisoned!

Well, since we are in the discussion of K-Pop, Girls Generation will be releasing their repackaged second album - Run Devil Run and that's Yoona on the album cover :)

And recently, I have changed my profile picture yet again. It's a photo of me holding a board with the word "LOVE" on it. It was some sort of Zact and my Valentine's project. Will be uploading the full set of photos real soon.

Till the next update, take care and God Bless!

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