Our spontaneous trip to UTAR Kampar
Saturday, March 27, 2010 18:20

Just a short update after the previous post. I guess I'll start with Tuesday when both Zact and Daniel got themselves two Canon cameras. It was so sudden but it is awesome, now we have 3 Canon users and hopefully another one this week *crosses fingers*. It's kinda cool to see so many people into photography but I guess we gotta pray for not letting photography to take control over us. We still have our degree studies to settle with.Was sick for the past week, was having flu and thanks for those who prayed for me. Appreciate you guys! Am feeling much better after drink lots and lots of water. Was on the train back to Ipoh on Thursday with Daniel and Zact. We kind of had this idea of having a "photoshoot" in Kampar, it was not really a photoshoot la cause takde model and all but it was fun, although we dropped by for like 2 hours.

I was still kind of sick that time, was not really in the mood for photography due to the hot weather and all but I managed to get a few shots. Most of them are random shots la so please bare with me okay? Still in the progress of learning :)

Basically we were in a tutorial class, just for a few minutes and we felt so old =S

We kind of got attracted to the Western food stall. We ordered three plates of Brown Chicken Chop Rice. We were curious with the word "brown" so we ordered three plates since they looked delicious.

Nah, it did not taste that good. When we left UTAR Kampar for our degree in Setapak, we only had 6 blocks - A to F and Block F was not even ready by that time. Now they have like Block I?! UTAR Kampar is like so developed and it seems that their tutorial rooms are sound proof? AWESOME!

The blocks are related so much with nature. Here are a few shots taken around the campus:

And some random shots from me:

Once again, feel free to visit my Facebook for more photos. Take care!

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