Pavilion: Fame
Thursday, February 18, 2010 22:43

Finally another blog update. I actually promised her for an update on both visits to Bangsar and Pavilion. This post will be on Pavilion because the Bangsar photos are still with her. Few weeks back, we actually went to Pavilion to watch 'Fame'. Yeap, awesome movie! i rate it 9/10.

Was supposed to watch the 11.20am show but we got delayed so we went for the next one at 4.00pm. Lepak-ed around with our cameras for a few hours and the CNY deco in Pavilion is awesome!

So, this was what we were doing the whole time:

And she was my personal model :)

We went to Pepper Lunch for lunch:

For dessert, we went to the Ministry of Food. Another awesome place:

Had an Orea Milkshake for RM10. Yeah, it's kinda expensive for a drink you can get elsewhere but I love Oreo okay?

You want some?

Headed to Snowflake after that and what a coincidence. Guess who we met?

And here's the beeping UFO. LOL!

That was it about our Pavilion trip and are there any problems? Yeah! It's like I kept on breaking promises. Well, I do not take it as I break promises but one thing is that I forget stuffs easily! Short term memory sucks badly :( Another thing is I think too much at times that I will forget stuffs that I should remember. And plans keep changing at times, when plans change, I'll end up breaking promises.

I know I know, anyhow it is still my fault right? And I'm so sorry. So sorry if I've broken any promises, guys. And I am gonna pray about this, I gotta improve in all these.

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