Welcoming Freshmen Concert 2010!
Thursday, January 21, 2010 11:47

Alright peeps, this is going to be a long post. Am still wondering if I should divide this post to two separate posts. Hmmm. Anyway, remember what I said on my previous post? Welcoming Freshmen Concert 2010 was AWESOME!

Was in campus way before noon, the event was at 12pm by the way. Since I was there early, I managed to get a few shots with my "baby":

Was helping my boss out with the balloons

Wanna see how I looked like with the balloons? Credits to Sze Yun and Cassie for the photo :)

Zact was with this dance crew called the Hazardous Engineers. They were cool, wait till you see them perform!

Had lunch after that and it was time for the opening ceremony.

Oh before I forget, let me introduce you to Boo, my new friend. Awesome guy with a 450d and he was our emcee.

First it was the dance performance by the Hazardous Engineers. Love the part where they danced "Sorry, sorry" by Super Junior and "Sexy Bitch" by David Guetta feat. Akon. Together with the lighting and sound effects, WOW!

Here are a few individual shots with their stunning moves:

Next, there was a singing performance by this guy and he sings really well! Really well as in he sounded exactly like the original singer. Here he is, singing "Sing Along Song by 方大同". And yeah, I can't write or speak in Mandarin. I just got the title and the artist's name from some friend of mine.

Headed to the back of the lecture hall because I felt like screaming and supporting for the next performance. Managed to get a shot of my "kakis". Thanks for the support, guys!

Next, there was a pianist and this guy is really good. I told John that I couldn't play a single musical instrument but this pianist played at top speed and he managed to get all the codes right. Imagine playing O2 Jam at the highest level and speed. LOL! Look, even our emcee was shocked! Haha.

Remember I mentioned that I was at the back of the hall to support the next performance? Yeah, I knew this new friend during the event itself. His name is Jordi and we're in the same English lecture now. Awesome guy and he's super funny!

He was a comedian during the concert and I remember shouting "Awesome!" when he said he couldn't sit down because he had a pimple on his arse. LOL!

After Jordi was a Chinese orchestra performance. The emcee was talking bout a musical instrument called a "wooden fish".

The guy with the flute had another solo performance after the Chinese orchestra.

There was a magic show by a professional magician by the name of Eugene and he was cool as well. Sorry that there are no photos for that particular show because my flashgun ran out of battery.

Next was a singing performance by another UTARian. He is a broadcasting student from PJ by the name of Kelvin if I'm not mistaken. This guy can really sing and he sang "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga and "Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis.

And here's his guitarist

Alright, then it was a performance by one of our very own WFC committee member. Wei Han together with two of his juniors are professionals! Check this out:

Then there was another dance performance. No, not the Hazardous Engineers but they're from another crew. Anyway, we call them "Alvin and the Chipmunks". Why? You'll see why...

This guy here calls himself Theodore. You know that cute fat little chipmunk that you see in cinemas? This Theodore here can POP!

Those above were all the performances during event together with a few more. That's about it. Then there was a lucky draw and this winner is about to gain a few calories.

And here's the winner and luckily he's not my size =P

A simple souvenir for the VVIP

and that's the end of the Welcoming Freshmen Concer 2010. Wanted to have a pic with my new kaki, Jordi then the people started coming into the photo. So here you are, the committee together with the performers.

Before they dancers left, here's a cool shot of the Hazardous Engineers with Jordi

Remember there was a magician during the concert? He made a pigeon disappeared so I went hunting for the Eugene, the magician and his pigeon.

Ah, found him! And he looks like my older brother man.

Here's the pigeon and it's a real poser. Everytime I took out my 500d, it started posing. Haha.

John with the magician's pigeon

There was a post mortem meeting after the concert but before that, camwhore la dulu!

'Kau tim', photo sessions are all over. Time for serious business, clean up people! First, we gotta pop all them balloons!

Carried on with the post mortem meeting after that. With that, the Welcoming Freshmen Concert 2010 Committee would like to thank every single one of you for your support!

I'll end this post with my boss's trademark - "3, 2, 1, ACTION!". By the way, her video has 200++ comments on Facebook in less than a week! She's like some Asia celebrity la.

Once again, all the photos are uploaded on Facebook and credits to Daniel Lee for most of the photos because I was using Boo's camera throughout the event. Till the next update, take care and God bless!

Do leave a comment in the chatbox for now as I'm still working with the 'comment' link after every post for now. Thanks for your support, people!

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