"Ipoh Food Photography Marathon"
Friday, January 1, 2010 00:47

12.47am and I just got home. Went out for another 'yum cha' session with Jiangmay, Kay Yen and Puinyinn. Anyway, Happy New Year people!

What happened yesterday was I planned to have this 'Ipoh food photography marathon' together with Jiangmay and Kay Yen but later on it was just me and my mom. Am a little bit interested in food photography thou and yesterday was my first attempt!

First up, breakfast at Foh San Dim Sum Restaurant:

Next was Nam Chow's Dry Curry Mee:

Then we headed to the old town for Funny Mountain's tau fu fah:

The last stop was at 'Medan Selera Stadium':

Since it was my first attempt, I guess the WB is a little bit off according to some sifus. More changes will be made during PP and uploaded to Facebook.

Photos taken during New Year's Eve 'yum cha session' and more will be uploaded on the next post. Take care and Happy New Year once again! God Bless!

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