Ice Breaking 2010
Tuesday, January 19, 2010 10:50

Hi folks! Finally got the time to update my blog on the Ice Breaking 2010 for freshmen. Before that, yesterday was the first day of the semester and it was awesome! Keep Soil Mechanics aside, my English lecturer rocks! Students call him the "living GPS" because he seems to know every single place in Malaysia. He is a really funny guy, can't wait to attend his next lecture!

So, Ice Breaking 2010 was cool. I really enjoyed the water games although I am not part of them. Really love all the water splashing action! So let's begin shall we?

Photos taken during Ice Breaking 2010:

Alright, there were quite a number of freshmen but I only managed to get a photo with just a few guys in it.

The warm up game was called "Chicken Goggles" if I am not mistaken, awesome game.

Here's my boss and she is always the active one. Say "Hello!" to Cassie, me boss.

Then it was station games and here's the big boss, Kerry. He looks like he's saying "Me..." in the photo. Yeah Kerry, you're the boss!

And here are the instructions:

Station 1 : Sour Plum! Woot!

After eating so many "plums", you need some water right? Here you are, Spritzer's new model! LOL!

Alright, time for water games! AWESOME! There was this game where you were supposed to play "rock, paper and scissors" and if you lose, you get splashed. Simple isn't it?

If you still did not get what I meant, here's a demo:

Ah.... looks really simple right? You lose, you get splashed. That is all! But, things got more intense after that!

There were more stations but I guess I'll stop here. More photos are available on Facebook! In the end of the day, all the freshmen say...

Next post would be on our very own Welcoming Freshmen Concert 2010! Stay tuned!

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