Canon EOS FACEbulous Photography Contest
Saturday, January 23, 2010 23:20

Hey peeps! I was on Facebook yesterday, in fact I am always on Facebook. Anyway, I found out that Canon Malaysia organized a photography contest. It's called the EOS FACEbulous Photography Contest.

Details of the contest are shown below:

As you can see, the first top-rated photo from each theme or category will get a Crumpler bag for free! How cool is that?! And out of 20 categories, the first highest rated photo will get a Digital Ixus 100 IS!

Each contestant is entitled to one photo submission only and let me put it this way, I've uploaded the wrong photo. Basically I chose the wrong photo out of more better looking photos. So, I got a little help from Sue Quin and Xi Kae.

Out of 20 categories, I have submitted three photos in two different categories. First one is under my name, under the theme "Expressions". Basically, I've chosen this photo because I love the expressions on their faces but as I've said, wrong photo! The photo is kinda underexposed as it did not undergo any PP.

Next, I have another shot uploaded under Xi Kae's name, particularly because she was the model in the photo. It was also submitted under the theme "Expressions". Alright, this photo stands a higher chance of winning. It has the highest votes under its category currently.

I have the third photo uploaded under Sue Quin's name under the theme "Colours". It's a bokeh photo taken in Moven Peak few weeks back. This photo has the highest votes under its category and it is the second highest voted photo among 20 categories!

Basically, I need your help voting due to the appearance of more contestants. You guys could vote for both Xi Kae's and Sue Quin's photo. The one under my name can be ignored because it's under the same category as Xi Kae's. I really need your help in getting the highest number of votes. So keep your votes coming, people!

Now, how to vote? The instructions is kinda long and troublesome actually but I guarantee you could settle this within 5 minutes.

1. Go to
2. Click on "Allow application"
3. Click on "Become a Fan"
4. Click on "Join Contest Here"
6. Under "Theme: Expressions", look for "Wong Xi Kae"
8. And under "Theme: Colours", look for "Kee Sue Quin"
9. Under "Theme: Love", look for Ng Kok Hui

Thanks for your support! And do help me publicize a little aight? Tcare :)

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