Meet my twin!
Monday, December 28, 2009 15:48

Was a little bored after I updated my blog earlier so I browsed through the World Wide Web and ended up at and Rames Studios. I respect these two guys kao kao man, they're like super good in photography and photo editing and I used to visit their blogs really often.

And that is also how I get to learn new photography and photo editing techniques. I really enjoy looking at Rames's photoshop skills, they're AWESOME! I wonder what will I do if I see him around KL. So anyway, was looking at Rames's PhotoshopWorld and I saw one of his work.

I was planning to change my profile picture earlier but I couldn't think of one. So I planned to "produce" a twin just like Rames did but I had trouble installing my Photoshop so I had to use Photoscape and Paint.NET instead.

Basically, I made one "different personalities" photo for Daniel earlier this month:

Using the same method, I managed to make one for myself. Meet my twin! Credits to Rames :)

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