The car was overloaded with 8 people and God was one of them!
Friday, November 13, 2009 22:44

Good evening, people! Today's post is reserved for Him. Awesome! Before I start of with anything, let me tell you something. If you're one of those who think that God could not do anything about your life and you are the only one who could, then think again!

What I would like to share today is more like a testimony and for those who does not know what "testimony" is, this is what I got from wikipedia:

In law and in religion, testimony is a solemn attestation as to the truth of a matter.

So what I want to share is that I had my exams yesterday and you might be asking "So what?". The main point is, I managed to get through the exams because He was with me. No doubt about that! I would have did mistakes that I used to do before. I know I might not get an "A" or a very good result but at least I do know that I would have done much worse! What I learnt? "Life is fragile, handle with prayer" - this is absolutely true.

Prayer is really IMPORTANT! I might not understand how powerful or important prayer can be but everything changed yesterday. Just one day and it proved how true God can be! I prayed for my revision and exams, everything turned out fine. What more?

To simplify the whole story, my house mates and I planned to go to this "pasar malam" at Sri Rampai and there were 7 of us so I had to drive two rounds before I could possibly get the whole group to Sri Rampai. I went for badminton before that and I did not get enough rest I suppose, sorry if my driving skills were bad last night. So it was the second round and out of a sudden, i realized I have not prayed before starting our journey. The radio was turned up loud so I lowered down the volume before started praying.

There was this car right behind me and it was at the "blind-spot" if you get what I mean. I did not even realized it was there. When I looked at the rear and side mirrors, it seemed like there weren't any cars behind and all of a sudden this car flew pass me. It was like one foot away from hitting our car and guess what? The driver did not even bother to honk. And all these happened just approximately 10 seconds after my prayer. Praise God!

What happened next was all of us had to fit into the car. Yeah, all seven of us! Yeah, I kind of broke the law right? Alright, I broke the law. There can only be 5 people in a car. So we were on our way back to PV10 and to PV6. What happened next was we were stuck in traffic and as usual we would think "Why la? Accident again?". Guess what, it was a road block! *speechless* What I could think of back then was "Gone, this time sure kena" so I got my license and IC ready.

The poor Viva was overloaded with 7 people and what makes you think I won't kena? Drove up to the policemen. Yeah "policeMEN", which means there were more than one policeman. They checked the car, the road tax and more. They even hesitated to let us go but thank God! Somehow or rather, their eyes were like blinded as they did not realize the car was overloaded with 7 people!

Okay, I might have sounded like God helped us in crime but that day's situation was kinda complicated. I could not make two trips again because it was late and stuffs. But at least we knew we were wrong and I'm sure we won't be having 7 people in a car ever again, hopefully.

Then I started thinking and counting my "kesalahan":

1. Car overloaded with 7 people
2. I was driving a car without the "P" sticker
3. The 5 people at the back seat do not have the seat belts buckled up

Praise God! On my way back I actually realized He was with us all the while. In fact, He is always with us! I started thinking "What if He was not with us?", there were many "what if's" in my head and God actually told me something. I knew that we DO NOT have to worry about the "what if's" if we have FAITH that He is ALWAYS with us! Why would I have to worry about anything if I know that God is always with me, guiding and protecting me?

It was only one day. Only ONE DAY to prove how TRUE God is!

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