Canon Eos 500d
Wednesday, November 4, 2009 22:07

Hey peeps! Back for another update. Last week was a "coincidence" week. Most of my friends would know that I was saving for my very first DSLR. Reviews after reviews, I planned to get myself the new Sony Alpha230 few months back, then it was Sony Alpha 330 for its Live View but there were so many complaints on the Alpha cameras. So, I planned to save a little more and get myself the Canon EOS 450d *full stop*. Canon EOS 500d it is!

Went back to Ipoh last week and normally I would just SLEEP in Ipoh. But on Saturday morning, I woke up earlier than usual and accompanied mom to get some car vinyls from this Christian shop in Ipoh Garden East. Coincidently, mom asked if I could drive her to the post office in TESCO to get the bills paid. Fine, since it was kinda near from where I was. Drove to TESCO and coincidently I followed my mom down the car. Usually I would just sit in the car and wait but this time things seemed to be a little bit different. Went down, paid the bills and get myself two boxes of Lipton Milk Tea *currently my favourite!*.

Settled everything and planned to drive back but coincidently, I saw this camera shop located at the ground floor *happy*. So, I just walked in and asked whether they have the Canon EOS 450d and what's the price for it. Coincidently, tak da stok!

Salesguy : 450d sold off lah!

Me : Huh? Really meh? When got stock?

Salesguy : Not so sure wor

Me : Then can I have a look at this Sony Alpha 330

Salesguy: Aiya boss, instead of getting 450d, why don't you spend RM100 extra to get the 500d?

OMG! Coincidently that shop was having promotion for three days and that day was the second day. The Canon EOS 500d was cheaper by RM500.00! Awesome! 500d was never in my review list but I just tried that camera out since they provide free testing.

In conclusion, got myself the Canon EOS 500d with some financial support from dad. Thanks dad! My new "love", the Canon EOS 500d!

Tried the camera out these few days and it was truly truly awesome! No complaints at all. Brought the camera to Xin's birthday celebration the next day:

And I'm still getting used to Photoshop CS4. Few photo edits here and do view my Facebook profile for more photos aite?

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