Yum Cha Session and Mooncake Festival Celebration
Sunday, October 4, 2009 12:19

Finally had the chance to hang out with my 'kakis' and finally had the chance to meet up with Jiangmay, Kay Yen and Xiao Tung after so long! Met up at Old Town Kopitiam and someone brought along her Sony Alpha 230, AWESOME! My friends would know I'm craving for a Sony DSLR! Oh well, my as well play around with Kay Yen's for now.

Thanks Kay Yen, for letting me play with your gadget. As usual la, Aaron will start snapping snapping and SNAPPING! Oh well, lots more to learn about photography right, Kay Yen? Am referring to myself though.

And Jiangmay gotta use this photo as her profile photo!

Went to Parade to get Adrian's birthday present. Went to his place with Seng Hoe, Jia Huei, Daniel and Weng Foo. Awesome party too! Lots and lots of food! Headed to Xiao Tung's place after that for the mooncake festival celebration. Jiangmay was busy taking care of her candles that she hits me every single time they got blew off. Teruk la!

Haha. And by the way, my Nokia 5800 Xpress Music's camera did not have the chance to show off man! LOL!

Ohya, too bad Man United did not win last night. But still, I'll post this photo up!

Went to Coffee Net after that to meet up with Adrian and gang. Man, teruk match man. Did not play well at all! Headed back home after that and yeah, it was one tiring day!

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