Sunway Pyramid and Ampang Look-out Point
Friday, October 2, 2009 13:39

Hey there peeps! Finally had the time to "revive" my blog. I actually got this temporary blog skin from I had to change my previous skin because all the images kinda disappeared. However, I kind of abandoned my blog due to never-ending assignments, tests and presentations.

Recently, I actually went to Sunway Pyramid with my housemates. That's like super far from my area.

Went to Sakae Sushi for lunch

It was one memorable day! Awesome! Am loving Park Ji Sung so much! <3

Next stop, Ampang Look-out Point. Went there for dinner with Daniel, Jia Huei, Chun Fye, Yan Ming and Xi Kae. Another awesome place! However, photos are taken using my Nokia 5800 and edited using Photoscape v3.4, so the photo qualities aren't really satisfying.

We went to this place called Gasoline for their western food.

Had our dinner and the posers were all so active. Camwhored all the way!

We should consider coming again next time to try the other restaurants and cafe.

Btw, lost a few photos due to some problem with my memory card. Will try to get more photos from Daniel by the next update. And one last thing, I actually spent an hour plus editing Daniel's photos. He had some sort of a "photoshoot" when we were at Look-out Point. Enjoy!

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