"P" for "Photography"? "P" for "Photoshop CS4"!
Saturday, October 31, 2009 01:09

Long time since the previous update. Campus' life is getting a little boring these days. With only two subjects, there's nothing much for us to do besides SLEEP! However, these two subjects aint that simple. Gotta revise now and then, got to make sure I understand Structural Analysis well.

So, DoTA is not in my timetable these few days, or should I say these few weeks. Had some better and healthier activities to replace the "non-beneficial" ones. Haha! We do go for badminton and football at least once a week. Got to know some new friends and stuffs. Awesome!

And I've been doing camera reviews everyday! Sounds lifeless right, and I've been trying to edit photos using the new Photoshop CS4 that I've installed few weeks back. Basically, I've spent most of my time doing all these till I feel a little guilty. Then, I'll try to do some revision again. Haha! Read this tutorial from Rames's blog on Decorative Typography and I actually came out with one earlier. Spent like an hour doing this thingy.

Well, I'm still a newbie in Photoshop so it does look a little simple. For a larger view:

C&C are welcome :) And now, gotta get some rest cause I gotta wake up early in the morning. Good night and God Bless!

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