MUET Speaking Test
Wednesday, October 21, 2009 01:50

Hey there, peeps! Am back for yet another update but there would not be any photos in this post because the Internet connection here in KL is super "fast"! What happened yesterday was, it was my first day of my second semester. I remembered registering for MUET when I was in my foundation year and guess what? I had my Speaking Test yesterday!

It was like the first day of the semester and we had an exam already. We couldn't stop thinking about MUET the day before. My friends and I were like so worried but yet, what and how can we even prepare for the test? It's a Speaking Test for crying out loud! So I set the alarm and placed my Nokia 5800 right next to my pillow. I know, it's bad for health. The radiation and stuffs but I really had to make sure the alarm will wake me up or else I will be taking MUET with my mom.

So, I heard Pitbull's Hotel Room Service ringtone and I woke up right away. Usually I would just snooze the alarm and lie back down on my mattress but no way! Couldn't take any chances. Went to the bathroom, came back to my room to get changed. And guess what? I was super blur when I got up that I took my message tone as my alarm tone! And I was up early! Right on the screen of the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music...

1 new message

It was from Daniel and we're in the same house. He could've just came down and knocked on my door. LOL! The message was like super long! The message:


That basically meant, going to campus? Seng Hoe and Daniel hesitated to go to campus because it was he first day of the semester and usually on the first week of the semester, the lecturer would be the one skipping class OR he/she would come in and give you a little introduction on where he got his PhD from, this and that.

Great! The first class was cancelled and man, I got screwed! Ended up having lunch with Seng Hoe at the cafeteria. Talked and talked and talked and it as already 10.30! What came into my mine was "We'll be having MUET today right?" and we do not even know where's the venue.

Headed to the SB Block and we saw Yan Ming. Daniel was in somewhere on Earth with his friends. We realised there were two rooms, the 'Exam Room' and the 'Quarantine Room'. What you should do is, get into the toilet, excrete every single thing you need to excrete, get into the 'Quarantine Room' till it's your turn.

It was Speaking Test so there would be 4 person in a group. Surprisingly, Daniel, Seng Hoe, Yan Ming and I were in the same group. Cool uh? There's this friend of ours called Johnson, he was in the first group and we were in the last. He went in and everyone were like stressed up! Especially when you're in the last group. Who cares if it's the 'Quarantine Room', it's not prison anyway. What we did was we realised the questions would be the same for all four groups. Then, technology came into place. Seng Hoe texted Johnson and we knew the question.

Now what? We were even more stressed up! We weren't supposed to get out of the room but we did. We need to go to the loo! DESPERATELY! There was this lecturer who was "babysitting" us and she kept asking us "Scared ar?", "Worried ar?". We were doing stuffs that are not normal at all. Ever seen Aaron wrapping a Man United scarf around his head while walking around a PRISON?

What we did to relieve stress was we talked about Russel Peters and Kumar Drag Queen. Laughed so hard that we nearly forget that it's our turn next. Kantoi! We were like super stressed up but thank God everything went well. Except for the part where Seng Hoe had a tummy ache during the test.

The process was not that bad after all but everyone would be stressed up before the process itself I'm sure. Anyway, worried bout the test and now it's done. Good luck to those taking the MUET test tomorrow aite? Take care and God Bless!

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