Sony Alpha 230 or 330?
Wednesday, October 7, 2009 20:35

Okay, have not been doing anything special these few days. Before I forget, I've got myself the new FIFA 10, installed it but have not been playing it these few days. It's cool, the gameplay and the graphics are still acceptable I suppose. Well, not a pro in computer gaming :P

Anyway, went out with Daniel and Weng Foo this afternoon for a game of badminton. There aren't any 'cekap' activities here in Ipoh. BORING! Hope the new semester starts fast! Haha, since it's a short semester, I don't mind. Oh well, went out for dinner with mummy and then to Jusco and Kopitiam.

Am back home now. GG anyone? :) Ohya, I'm still with the TVB series till now! OMG, been watching it since I was in KL few weeks back and it's only a 30 episode series. Guess we'll have some plans tomorrow guys.

In case if you guys don't know, Aaron will be getting a DSLR camera hopefully by the end of this month. I've been craving for a DSLR since I don't know when. However, I will only look at two cameras for now which are the Sony Alpha 230 and he Sony Alpha 330. Ignore the Sony Alpha 380, can't afford that one.

Well, I guess I would not take photography so seriously for now. For beginners and also because of the budget, I guess it's sufficient for me to look at these two models. Aaron is in dilemma, which one to choose? Any ideas?

The Sony Alpha 230:

The Sony Alpha 330:

I actually tried out the Sony Alpha 230 few days back and it was awesome. Well, I mean it's okay for beginners like me. Basically, both models have the same features which includes:

6 Scene Selection modes as well as PASM modes
9-point AF system
Eye-Start AF activation
Built-in Popup Flash
Dynamic Rang Optimizer
ISO range up to 3200
Continuous shooting up to 2.5fps

However, the Sony Alpha 330 comes with two extra features which are the Quick AF Live View and a variable-angle LCD screen for high-position and low-position shots.

Well, I've managed to check the price of the Sony Alpha 230 and it ranges from RM1750 - RM1799. However, I only know the Sony Alpha 330 costs roughly around RM2100++? Not so sure bout the price.

So, which one to choose? Any recommendations? I might spend a little more to get the Sony Alpha 330 for the extra two features and I would not be changing a new DSLR anytime soon after I get one for myself.

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