Friday, July 3, 2009 21:56

We were at Times Square on Wednesday. Why? To meet Optimus Prime of course! Special thanks to Ps. Jason for planning everything and there were actually 37 of us who went for the movie. I would like to thank Daniel too for fetching us to Times Square and back to PV6. We were like totally shocked when Daniel told us that the cinema screen is 5 storeys high! Can you imagine? The screen is like super HUGE! You do not even know when and where to look! But overall, it was okay although Chris mentioned that the sound system was not good enough.

It's worth it! 7 bucks for Transformers is really reasonable cause the movie was super cekap! Everyone were like mentioning Megan Fox here, Megan Fox there and they were like super sad when they knew she is actually a he. Anyway, some photos to be posted up here. Will upload more photos on Facrbook after I get them from Ps. Jason.

Credits to Anna for the next photo:

We had lots of fun for sure. Thanks for everything once again! The next update would probably be on my practical class today. We were like super tired today but we still managed to camwhore! Till the next update, take care and God Bless!

We were in the LRT the other day and Adrian was posing! =P

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