UTAR Setapak, do I have a choice?
Friday, June 5, 2009 17:49

Hey peeps, back for another update and this time it's gonna be on UTAR Setapak. For those who really want to know how is it here in UTAR Setapak, this update is for you! First and foremost, for those who are doing their foundation or degree in UTAR Kampar and you're complaining, let me tell you that you're pretty dumb in a way. Appreciate every single thing you have in UTAR Kampar because it is a place where you can find the best facilities! If you do not believe me, come to UTAR Setapak for a week and you'll see. We found out that the best facility here in UTAR Setapak is the bus! Why? Cause it's the best thingy you can find here, you'll see why. Ohya, the taxi drivers here in Setapak is freaking arrogant man! Well, not all but just a few of them. There's this Chinaman who drives this taxi, forgotten what is his car's registration number, I guess it's HWC 842. We entered his car and he did not ask us where we wanted to go, we were actually heading to UTAR but when we told him that, it was actually too late cause he already turned into the junction which lead to KTAR. Okay, I admit it was our fault. Come on, we were new kay? You know what he told us? He said "People like you all, study so hard also useless!". We were like WTF?! Felt like smashing his head man.

So, this is actually my second week here in Setapak but I will begin with the first week alright? So what happened during the first week? Orientation was on and we were shocked to see the UTAR campus here in Setapak. UTAR Setapak is providing tertiary education but they could not afford a proper sign board? One of my friends told me to took a few photos of the sign board and to post it here. Someone actually posted on his blog saying that the painting of the UTAR logo at the main entrance in Kampar sucks, have a look at this before saying anything la brotha!

Not only that, we actually found out that they could not afford curtains as well. And you could see how ugly it looks from the outside.

It's not even 50% of UTAR Kampar; the size and the standard! Coming to think about it, we did not really appreciate UTAR Kampar when we were there last year. We complained about lots of stuffs-the air-conditioning system, the cafeteria and lots more but when we are here in UTAR Setapak, we trully appreciate everything found in UTAR Kampar. If you are still not convinced that UTAR Kampar is still the best, look what I saw when I was in the lecture hall on the first day.

Ohya, talking bout lectures, we actually met this lecturer who said "I know this subject is boring. If you want to sleep, just make yourself at home cause that's what I did when I was in Uni". Cool right? We are so gonna fail that subject!

First and foremost, UTAR Setapak has a few halls called 'DK' which refers 'Dewan Kuliah' in short. The DKs in Kampar are way better compared to those here and I mean way way BETTER! What more if they do not make use of the air conditioning system here in UTAR Setapak. Seriously, the hall was super hot like a microwave! You would actually see people fanning themselves with almost anything! People are like saying "We pay 6k for free sauna treatment?" and we actually found out that the coolest place here in UTAR Setapak is the library.

The enviroment here in Setapak is kinda weird too thou, you'll have to climb the stairs to get to class every morning and it's super tiring! The buildings here are way worse compared to those in Kampar.

The canteen is okay, at least students can eat in this air-conditioned room but the stalls there kinda look like those stalls you can find in those R&R next to the highway.

They even have some decoration next to the canteen, have a look.

More photos of UTAR Setapak's facilities. For those who are currently studying in UTAR Kampar, just compare these with those you have there.

My friends weren't really satisfied these two weeks, everything seems to be so different compared to those times we had in UTAR Kampar. We missed everything about UTAR Kampar! My friends and I were worried if we chose the right course and we really hope that those engineering courses here in UTAR Setapak will shift back to UTAR Kampar as soon as possible!

I know I actually do not have the rights to comment on UTAR Setapak but it's just my point of view, my first and second week here is not that satisfying. This is my blog and I just want to share my experiences here in UTAR Setapak, I'm sorry if I offended those UTARians who really support UTAR Setapak. But, I'll post some pics about what some UTARians think bout UTAR Setapak. Look what I found on MSN and for those who are in UTAR Kampar, appreciate everything you have there. Even those tutorial rooms you're going into everyday and you'll complain that the air-conditioning system sucks, those are way better than those we have here.

Expenses in KL is way higher than I expected which means, I'll have to cook my dinner as often as possible to save money. Haha, and not to mention, the construction area is making my house super dusty!

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