I'm an uncle!
Saturday, June 27, 2009 00:20

Hey peeps, I actually planned to STOP blogging thou. Why? Because I do not have any inspiration or even photographs to update my blog. So it's gonna be a month here in Setapak already but before that, I'M AN UNCLE! Lol, that sounds super old! Yeah, my cousin actually gave birth to a baby girl and that makes me an uncle.

Taken in Fatimah Hospital :

After the visit, I took the 1pm train back to KL and it was a Tuesday. I actually planned to get my PTPTN Loan stuffs settled on Monday but thank God it was done by Saturday! All I have to do now is to get a few of my documents certified and I'm done!

At Ipoh Railway Station :

It's week 4 already and yea, met some new friends in campus and also in church! And I do have some difficulties understanding what has been taught in lecture. But I do enjoy church cell meetings! At least I know He'll always be there for me.

Owh man, Superposition. Don't understand a thing man. Help!

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