What happened in Kay-Elle?
Monday, May 18, 2009 00:36

Back for another update. Just came back from a farewell dinner for my cell in this place called Breeze Cafe. Well, it's a very neat place and I'll blog about it soon. For this update, I will actually share about what happened in KL for the past few days.

I went down to KL again! This time with my mom and Daniel. Remember I mentioned that I bought this DIY table for RM119.00 in Jusco? One of the purpose of going all the way down to this hectic and complicated city called KL, is to fix this table. We took the 9.00am train from Ipoh and we met some earthlings at the railway station. Some people that I do not feel like meeting and what a coincidence, they are going to KL too! What more their seat were just next to ours! Reached KL Sentral at around 12pm and went to KFC for lunch.

Went back to PV6 after that, first thing is to fix my table. Well, it was kinda easy with the instructions and all. My cousin was on the way back to KL on that very same day and he promised us that he'll take us to a furniture shop to get our mattresses. We went to this HUGE furniture shop, Daniel and I was saying "This furniture shop is HUGE! And there's gonna be a HUGE hole in our wallets later". Bought two mattresses for RM169.00 each and got them to send to our place. Thanks couz!

Went back home and there were nothing else to do anymore. Daniel and I decided to clean the whole house! Super hard work but it was fun la, we were like those small kids playing with water. Ever experienced a waterfall inside the house? Haha. We actually wanted to clean the house because it was super dusty! But you know what? Even after we cleaned the place, it became dusty again after a few hours. Stupid construction area.

And if you noticed, the floor was still wet. OMG, it took forever to dry! sheesh.

One more thing, the haze in KL! *speechless* See it for yourself.

Went out for dinner at McD, went back and started having "guys talk" till we sleep. We slept at the living room thou and it rained at around 3am. It was SUPER COLD! My blanket was blown away just like that! Thunderstorms and lightnings made me took out my phone and started snapping. And something went wrong with the wiring system upstairs, called the agent and complained about that.

Woke up the next morning and my cousin fetched us to TM Point to get some information. Surprisingly, we couldn't apply for Streamyx because there are no more telephone ports in PV6 it seems. So, there's no other choice but to use P1 W1MAX which is a new wireless technology.

I actually did some research when I came back to Ipoh and P1 is indeed cheaper than Streamyx even if we register for 2.4mbps. Went to the P1 booth in Carrefour and got ourselves the registration form. That guy who was in charge there actually explained quite a lot of stuffs and he said that we can go online an hour after registration and all we need is to buy a modem for RM99! Cool! We still need to buy a wireless router of course. Went and got Daniel another DIY table for just RM75.00!!! Regret kau kau man. Went back home and started fixing again. His table was much more complicated than mine thou.

Random shots as usual:

Headed back to Ipoh at 5.00pm but before that, we went to KLCC and got myself the very first cup of Starbucks there!

Next update would probably be on cell time on Saturday and our cell's farewell dinner tonight.

P/S: Photos are being uploaded and Sin Yee, can I get those photos you took using your phone? Thanks! =D

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