What happened in April?
Monday, May 4, 2009 22:40

Yeap, my blog was dead! For more than a month now, extremely sorry people! But I'm here to revive it *evil laugh* and I am pretty sure that this is gonna be a long update once again.

So since I did not update my blog for the past month, I believe I have to cover everything that happened in April! Oh God! So what was I so busy about? Remember I posted something about the "company" blog and stuffs? It's about this Web Page assignment where we had to come up with a Web Site. We called our company Nutbags Corporation and you can view our site at http://www.nutbagscorp.110mb.com

Done with the assignment, and there was one more to go; management assignment. It was tough back then but now thinking back, I kinda miss those times thou cause we are leaving very soon! Had this assignment and presentation bout Bill Gates and also English Assignment! So there were lots of assignments, presentations and stuffs.

But there weren't just assignments, we had birthday celebration and BBQ along the way. We celebrated Seu Sin's birthday in KFC thou and we even got her these cute looking balloons that float? Ohya, not to forget, we bought a few water guns thou. Lame uh? Haha, so here are some pics. Enjoy! And btw, I don't really have the time to edit these pics, so I'll post up the originals k?

Then we had a farewell BBQ party as we'll be leaving to Setapak very very soon! And we were very high that time, imagine Aaron dancing? Haha! sounds weird uh? Will try to post the video up some time soon. For now, I'll only post up photos. Credits to Anna =D

Owh, before I forget. We managed to take some photos before we left foundation, photos were taken after our presentation. That explains why we were all in formal.

So that was just about it, we had exams after that. Were studying like mad for the past week, but not only that. Think back bout those breaks we took in between. Think bout those times we went to Maha Maju for the air-conditioner and spent like 3 hours talking bout horny stuffs? Haha, thinking bout all those make me miss Kampar much more!

We had this sharing session after our BBQ party. We get to know lots of stuffs which we did not know even we were together for the past 3 sems. Yeah, somehow it is a beginning more than an ending. It's just something that I could not let go now, thank God we are still housemates when we are in Setapak next month. But there is always something that makes me think, we are gonna be pursuing different courses after this. Things are not gonna be the same anymore.

I shared bout quite a lot that night, things that make me treasure you people even more! Had a great experience with you guys for the past three sems. Lots of stuffs had happened, stuffs that brought us closer or stuffs that brought us further apart but there's this thing called memories. Somehow, I enjoyed everything we did together and I wish there's a second foundation year. It gets more emotional when I start to think that we are all going back to our hometown although I am back in Ipoh already. It makes me think that we are seperating already.

So even when I made that video that night, it was kinda emotional too. But I am glad to have you people, seriously. Future housemates or not, we'll keep in touch aite? Setapak isn't that BIG right? Will see you people around in campus or we should hang out or something at times =D Every single thing that happened during our Foundation year shall never be forgotten...

Will be seeing you guys very soon. Till then, take care and God Bless!

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