Kay-Elle : Day 1
Wednesday, May 27, 2009 09:23

Hey peeps, I'm already in KL. Wow, the journey here was super boring. Anyway, wasn't really free when I got back here. Went out to buy some stuffs, had lunch and stuffs. Btw, it is possible to spend only RM10.00 on food per day IN KL! If you really use your cash wisely la. Went to UTAR too thou, went and check on our classes. It is possible to apply to be in the same class with your friends thou but I did not know that the process of getting you into that particular class is kinda complicated.

You actually need a letter with A VALID REASON and my friends actually told the clerk that we're in the same house, we're having transportation problems and stuffs and that particular person said it's not a reason. Wow, arrogant betul la that clerk and she's a FEMALE! You know what she told us? "You all are Uni students edi, now you all applying for the same class. What if next time you all come out to work in different companies? Would you wanna apply for the same company? When you all wanna learn how to be independent?" Walao, I really felt like arguing back. Kau kau, tarak puas hati! And you know, while she was saying all those, she wasn't really looking at us you know? She was refilling ink if I'm not mistaken. UTAR KL people kinda different la but thank God, the girl in the Finance Department was friendly la. At least we know there's still someone that you could count on there. All thanks to her, we got to know that me, Seng Hoe and Kok Hui will be in the same class for now. What we gotta do now is to get Daniel back on to this side. And yea, seriously the UTAR here is very different compared to Kampar but it was better than I expected la. LOL!

Went to apply for p1 after that, Aaron couldn't live without Internet right? So we actually ended up getting two 1.2mbps modems although that guy from the p1 booth recommended us to use one 2.4mbps modem the previous time we went there. Housemates decision right? So far so good, I actually did some research before this on p1 and what I got was the line isn't really satisfying la but the line here is good man. Oops, I mean excellent! Although the line was disconnected once last night. So yea, was kinda upset also last night. Well, let's not talk about it for now. So I guess that's it for Day 1 in KL. Tcare and God Bless!

P/S : The mosquitos are killing me! =S

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