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Wednesday, May 13, 2009 07:50

The Internet connection has been down for the past few days due to the heavy rain which caused my modem to be out of service and of course, my telephone went out of service too. Great! No calls which is a good thing; my house is more peaceful that way but no Internet is just dreadful! Aaron could not live without going online, everyone knows that. So here I am sitting in my bedroom typing this post and no, I do not have a wireless Internet connection here. I am currently using Microsoft Word so I could just copy and paste them into Blogger when the Internet connection gets back.

Why do I want to have a blog update even when I could not go online? I just feel like it, that’s all. Just felt like “releasing” everything that has happened to me for the past few days. I thought it would make me feel better. So yeah, I do have loads of problems these days and I am serious that these problems are not that simple! Let’s just put those problems aside for now.

Things went well after the previous update which was on my life in Kampar if I’m not mistaken. I went back to Kampar, cleared my room, checked out and my cousin took over my room. I felt sad of course, I’ve been staying in 1595 for like a year now and seriously, I do not want to leave UTAR, Kampar!

A random shot from Kampar:

My family and I made a trip down to KL on Sunday to shift some stuffs there. There were others-Daniel, Jia Huei, Chun Fye and Seng Hoe went too. Yeah, I drove and I hate driving in KL! Went back to the condo and started to do some cleaning as the whole place was like super dusty! And for those who do not know where is this place that I’m gonna stay in, it’s in Melati Utama.

Drove down to this place which looked like “Super Kinta” and it was known as Jusco. Great! Bought myself a portable closet, a study table and a chair and we headed back to Ipoh cause it was quite late that time. So how does my room look like? Well, my room is still kinda empty because I haven’t actually fix those tables and stuffs yet:

I mentioned that I have lots of problems these days. Yeah, my family is currently having some financial problems. I believe things get tougher and tougher especially when I am gonna be studying in KL in two weeks time. I know things are not easy for both my parents. I am actually dying to apply for PTPTN loan and yeah, scholarship is just out of the topic. UTAR scholarship has this requirement where you need to have CGPA 3.9 and above if I’m not mistaken. Even if I get 4.0 for my GPA this semester, my CGPA would only be around 3.6?

And every single thing my family and I do, money comes into the picture. Let’s start with the trip down to KL and many other minor stuffs. I am not talking about my first semester tuition fees yet thou. It’s not easy for my dad thou and I am really trying to help him out but I do not know how! I am already trying not to spend that much, even on my meals. But there are more problems,

I mentioned that my Internet connection went out of service right? It took me 5 days and the problem is not solved yet! I drove to TM point for like so many times, I made like so many complaints and those technicians refused to come. Oh man, do you know how much money I spent on petrol?! And once again, money came into the picture. Fine, those technicians finally came yesterday and they said the phone line was fixed but not my Internet line. I had to call another technician and he came earlier this evening. He said something went wrong with my modem so he exchanged mine with a new one. I should be happy right? I get a new modem for free. No I’m not! He told me something went wrong with those telephone wiring in my house and I had to call another guy. Guess what? He said he’ll be coming on Monday and it’ll cost around RM300 to fix those wiring. RM300?! Life is not hard enough for my dad yeah?

That was about the phone and the Internet. My dad’s car is not in a good condition as well, something went wrong with the brake pads and stuffs. There goes a few hundred bucks! It seems like every single thing needs money now and my new semester hasn’t started yet. Imagine those money I need for the tuition fees and expenses in KL, it’ll make things even tougher for my family. I am praying very hard these few days. I know problems help us to grow right? I’ve been praying so hard that the Lord would just open up a way for my dad. Things aint easy for him and also my family. I am actually trying to save as much as I could right now, I’m trying not to go out unnecessarily and stuffs till things turn out to be better. I’m trying to save up on my meals and stuffs. I even planned to have a part-time job in KL next time. We’ll see how things turn out to be. Hopefully everything would turn out fine after I get the loan and stuffs.

Sometimes I wonder, maybe I shouldn’t have bought those stuffs that I have now. Maybe I should get myself a cheaper handphone and stuffs. I’ll be going down to KL again tomorrow to get myself a mattress. God knows how much I will be spending there tomorrow. Sigh. I do hate myself at times, I couldn’t help out and stuffs. Well, I just hope everything will be fine although these problems I mentioned led to many other problems. We had more arguments in the family thou and they are not making those problems any better.

That’s all about problems I guess. I browsed through the Internet and I tried searching for anything related to PTPTN loans, scholarships and UTAR, Setapak. Trust me, it is not easy for you to search for images related to the Setapak Campus! Almost all the results are related to the Kampar Campus and now, I do not even know how the Setapak Campus looks like! Once again, I do not feel like leaving UTAR, Kampar. Everything seems to be just fine there; a nice campus, suitable study environment, cool facilities and most importantly, CHEAPER EXPENSES! Sometimes I do not feel like going to Setapak. Who cares if I have a nice and luxurious place to stay in KL?

I just don’t feel like leaving Kampar. If it wasn’t because of friends, nothing would have stopped me from staying here in Kampar. I always believed that everything happens for a reason and I know I am gonna study in Setapak for a reason. I was just thinking bout those times I had in Kampar. Surprisingly, I am thinking bout my assignments and the preparations for finals last semester and I found some photos in my phone.

This is actually the draft for our Web Page Design assignment and we came up with a Web Site which was 90% similar!

Parents took me to Kopitiam yesterday before we went to Maybank to check on my SSPN account. Some random shots from there as well:

Till the next update, take care and God Bless!

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