Hosanna at Breeze Ipoh!
Monday, May 18, 2009 20:14

Went for cell last Saturday and it seemed like it's gonna be the last cell meeting already. Everyone will be leaving to KL very soon. Sheesh, I still don't feel like leaving Ipoh! Can I please stay in Kampar? I just don't feel like leaving some people here. Well, let's just hope that the course will be back here in Kampar after a year or so which seems to be IMPOSSIBLE!

So, cell was about "My life without a purpose...". Go ahead, think about it! What is your purpose? and what would happen if your life do not have a purpose? Well, a simple question which actually made me think quite a lot that day. Owh yea, I was checking through my mail and I received an e-mail from Adrian and it was called "letter from Satan" or something. That made me think a lot too, I've forwarded to a few people. Check whether you've received one from me.

Somehow I'm gonna miss CGBC Youth =( To be honest, ever since I became a Christian, I never actually attended church. Well, I do go for church services but not that often. I used to go to Wesley Methodist with my parents ever since we accepted Christ. Somehow, I was not really active that time, as in I don't attend youth services and all. Then I started to skip morning services because I really don't feel like going. Till we were told about Hosanna, which is our cell's name, some people would really understand how hard was it to get me to go to church. I think Ee Chiet would know how tough was it, I guess I was too stubborn back then till she got angry and upset at me a few times. LOL! But soon, it wasn't that hard anymore right? Love Hosanna! Anyway, I edited these pics a lil cause the quality of the originals aint good enough:

Yeah, the pics are still kinda blurry. I tried my best! Sorry people. Forgotten about the camera settings before we took these photos =S

Then it was Sunday, which was yesterday. We actually planned to have a gathering which turned out to be some sort of farewell dinner. We went to this place called Breeze Ipoh. Wow, super cekap place man! I mean it's a very nice place. Adrian was like saying "We're at such a high-class place and we're gonna sit on the floor". Played with Uno Stacko and Zach asked me to book 8 badmintons courts for tomorrow! LOL! Nah, he actually meant 2 courts for 8 people. Courts booked for 1pm tomorrow, people! I actually enjoyed yesterday's dinner, we got to spend some quality time together and stuffs. Thanks Ee Chiet for the meal! =D

Photos from Breeze Cafe:

Okay, I removed the colours because they were too yucky. I know, black and white isn't a good choice too. This was what I ordered yesterday. What was it called again? I think it's Tepanyanki Chicken Rice or something.

Adrian said "Walao, so save cost meh? It's made of paper? I thought it's a pillar!"

Cekap place right? Love the lights and the "feel". LOL!

Me and Ee Chiet.

The gnome and I.

Sue Quin posed for almost every pic I took with her inside =P That's Sin Yee and David next to her btw.

The guy with the Tom Yam noodles.

Sue Quin and David.

Ee Chiet and Zachariah.

Once again, I've uploaded these pics on facebook and posted them on our group's page. You can get the originals for me as these photos are all edited. Sin Yee is having the remaining pics. Tcare and God Bless!

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