Their 19th Birthday
Sunday, March 8, 2009 12:08

Another short update for today. Forgotten which day was it, guess it was last Tuesday? We had a birthday celebration for Yan Ming and Jess. It was a simple one thou, compared to the previous birthday celebrations. But still, we had to clean up like mad! Why? Cause that time, we don't have flour, we don't have ice water, we don't have honey and all those stuffs we used to play with before this.

We got ink instead! YES, INK!!! You know those chinese ink people use to write those "huge-hard-to-read" chinese characters? We bought two bottles and it really stinks you know? So I don't really know their plan cause I went out for dinner with her. Came back and they showed three white cloths with those black ink on it.

We did those normal birthday stuffs-eat, played cards, played mahjong and it was time for the birthday song. And then...CHAOS! Ink here, there and everywhere. Imagine people having their teeth painted black! It was time to clean up, we have ink all over the wall, floor, door and everywhere. I even got a patch of black ink on my surfer pants =(

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