Founder's Day & Nutbags Corporation
Saturday, March 7, 2009 12:25

Sorry for the extremely late update people! I just managed to get the photos from Founder's Day few days back so I only get to update now. However, this would not be a long update as I'm still kinda busy with my assignments and stuffs. Got another blog to manage thou and of course, problems in life! It's complicated >.< So anyway, it was like two weeks back I suppose. Went back to 02K for the Founder's Day Celebration or you could even call it BP's Day.

So yea, I met Pui Yee! Haha, so long since I last saw her and of course, my batch. Miss them man. So I was supposed to be in school with Edward and Phero. Somehow, Phero couldn't go so it was just me, Edward, Willian, Yau Kin and Andrew there together with the rest. Mr. Joseph Michael Lee was there, Master Timothy Chee was there and there were lots more of people. And of course, stuffs to eat!

So anyway, as I was saying I still have another blog to manage. And the blog is actually my "company's" blog. It's my group for my Web Page Design assignment and producing a blog for that group is just part of the assignment. Our group came up with "Nutbags Corporation" as the name. Cekap name uh? XP And do support us yea, drop by more often and we even have a forum as a discussion place.

The forum and blog's address can be found on the banner above. Or you can click the banner below for direct link to our forum. Thanks =D

Okay, back to Founder's Day. I guess I shall let the photos do the talking. Enjoy!

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