Sunday, February 15, 2009 13:52

14th of February 2009 and it was Valentine's Day. Friends just reached Kampar at 12am the same day and I was slightly worried if Valentines would be according to plan. You know, after a tiring and exhausting trip to KL, plans might just change just like that. But thank God, things turned out to be better than I expected them to be!

I slept early the night before cause you know, I was bored to death in Ipoh! And even till 9am, I was still asleep. A text message woke me up and it was from her, and she told me she'll be reaching Ipoh in 15 minutes. I was like "WOW!", jumped right up, cleaned up and met her at McD. Headed to Sentosa after that for breakfast with Toufu and Lui Gor. Heard lots of stuffs from their trip to kay-elle. And I was laughing when Toufu said "Aaron's spirit is still with us" when they were in KL and I wasn't there with them. LOL?!

Went back home, washed up and headed to Jusco. Saw a few people in Jusco thou and the traffic was just teruk! Biasa'la Saturday and it was Valentine's Day! Gosh! Walked around in Jusco and we went to:

She got me these 2 collar tees and I'm loving them! Thanks so so much! <3 And I got her some stuffs as well, hope she likes it. Walked around and it was lunch time. Went all the way to town for lunch and we had tou fu fa which she likes so much. And went back to Jusco, this time with my mom since she wanted to get some stuffs. Went back, had some rest and it was already dinner time! Gosh, time flies especially when you're having fun =P Had to send her back to Kampar after dinner cause she'll be having some Soft Skills thingy today and I seriously appreciate everything she did for me. Seriously, seeing her sleeping in the car made me realised lots of stuffs. So anyway, guess we'll be seeing each other very soon! =D

Love ya! <3

"In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities"

69 days...

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