Kay-Elle Trip
Sunday, February 22, 2009 23:49

As mentioned in my previous post, I went to kay-elle on Thursday for a 'two days' trip. Since I missed the first time going to KL, I went there together with Daniel and Toufu this time. Been telling Edward that I'll be meeting him in KL few days back. So it was 9am when we departed from Ipoh's railway station and I didn't know it was a 3 hours journey. Gosh!

Reached KL Sentral at around 12pm and we were really hungry. Nothing much in KL Sentral thou besides fast food, fast food and more fast food! So we ended up in KFC having 2 Snack Plates and another plate of the chicken rice thingy for Toufu. It was my first time in KL Sentral thou.

Had lunch and went to YMCA, kept our stuffs and since we only had appointment with one of the agents in the evening, we hanged out in our room. We helped YMCA to do some makeover thou and started playing "Big Two". ROFL, Aaron playing "Big Two"?! Seriously, the two of them actually taught me from scratch. Recieved a text message from Edward after that, his classes were over and we went and met him at KL Sentral. And yea, I realised there are like many blind people in KL. I had been in KL for only two days and I saw over 10 blind people already.

So anyway, we met up with Edward and went to...

It was my first time there too and yea, stuffs there are just too expensive for us. Seriously, the only thing I can afford to buy there is ROTIBOY! We walked around, Edward took us around and he asked us to stood still to feel some vibration or something. Haha, and we went to this bookstore which is so so HUGE! You can find all sorts of books there man! Forgotten what's the name of the bookstore already. Found this book called "The Facebook Book". Cool uh?

We spent most of our time there cause that particular bookstore is just so HUGE! I looked out the window and I saw this view...

I was like "Woah, cekap wei that place!" and I made Edward brought us down to that place and we started to camwhore. Pity Edward man, he was like so busy taking us around and he was so hungry that he went and grabbed a burger from Burger King I think.

Done camwhoring and we took the LRT and went to Wangsa Maju if I'm not mistaken. Went to Wangsa Metroview to meet up with the agent and to have a look at the houses there. We went to one of the condos there where a few Africans were renting the place. Went in to have a look, the place was okay I suppose but it was a lil bit too small and the area is not too satisfying. So we did not really consider renting that place.

The agent took us to the Townhouse next, which is also in Wangsa Metroview and it is just next to the condo. This place looks more classy but the design is kinda weird, very weird indeed! It's like you have two lower storeys and then you have three more storeys above it which is a different unit. Went in and have a look and as I mentioned, the design is kinda weird so there will surely be difficulties considering where you wanna have your stuffs arranged.

One thing good about Wangsa is that it's convinient, you have like lots of shops just a few metres away but to get to UTAR, we have to walk quite far towards the LRT station and the rental is not that reasonable too in my opinion.

That was just about it for the first day. Went out again at night to KLCC and Sungei Wang and we were like so tired. Went to Sungei Wang cause I was looking for the Superman tee.

We weren't in the mood to walk. We just wanted to get back to YMCA, bath and rest. We were like taking the LRT up and down that night. Tiring trip but we still managed to camwhore in the LRT.

Went back home, watched American Idol and slept. Woke up early in the morning for breakfast at YMCA and we were still hunting for Superman tees and belts. LOL! Went to Sungei Wang again and we found these Nike shoes for only RM50. Walked around and it was time to meet another two agents that took us to Melati to have a look at the Penthouse. My friends in Kampar had been mentioning bout this place and I finally had the chance to see how that place looks like.

That place is not that bad after all. Cool views and stuffs but the rental is a bit too expensive thou. We'll get this settled I'm sure.

It was a rush, met up with another agent right after that. The agent who is in charge with the Townhouse in Wangsa Metroview. Man, this agent is driving a Toyota Wish and he has this LCD player thingy in his car. When I first saw him, I had this feeling of studying real hard so that I could be someone really successful. Haha, as in having my own car and stuffs.

Headed back to YMCA after that. We were like so so thirsty that we went and get Slurpee but still it wasn't enough. Found this Ais Kacang stall right in front of 7/11 and we decided to try. The aunty and uncle there damn good man, they'll give you a BIG cup of coconut or lime juice for a very reasonable price!

Went back to YMCA to get our luggage and headed to KL Sentral for the 5.50pm train back to Ipoh.

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