I wanna be in Kay-Elle...
Friday, February 13, 2009 00:17

Woohoo, Semester Break! And you know what? I'm not that happy after all. I kinda prefer those times when we were having exams. LOL! Why? Cause at least I get to hang out with my friends till like 3-4am?

My friends are all in Kay-Elle and I'm like missing all the fun! LOL, but I cant blame anyone thou. Since it was my mom's birthday yesterday so I gotta spend time with her right? But seriously in Ipoh, I rather join my friends in KL. What did I do for these two days? I woke up late, breakfast, online, lunch, online, online, ONLINE! Man, I'm rotting here! Even right now! How nice if I get to join my friends there in KL, at least Semester Break wont be that boring!

I accompanied my cousin to the railway station last afternoon and he was taking a train to KL. Omg! I really wanted to get a ticket on the spot and follow him right to KL, since the ticket is like RM10. Haha. And I'm missing my friends =( and somehow I couldn't find anyone in Ipoh that I could hang out with. Gosh!

Anyway, thanks for the phone call yea guys? At least I realised something that I should've realised earlier. Have fun in KL yea people? And you know something? I've never been so bored in my life that I had been playing RO for the past "dont-know-how-many-hours"!

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