Exams are just KILLING ME!
Sunday, February 8, 2009 14:41

Okay, I've not been updating my blog lately due to my examinations. Exams are on and the last paper would be on Tuesday I guess. So it had been a very hectic week last week. Hectic, tired and HELPLESS! No pics during exam week thou, I don't even have enough time to finish studying! But I have a few photos. Generally, this sem is way more hectic as compared to the previous sem. We were like studying till 5.30am to 6.00am everyday and the exams were at 9.00am everyday. Thank God they were at 9.00am. At least we managed to get ourselves some rest! So ever wondered what we did?

That's the living room, and the table we used to study. And you can spot Fye Yeh and Jia Huei in this pic. Spotted anything else? Anything unusual perhaps? Anything you see that are not supposed to be in the living room?

Okay, now you see Daniel in the photo and that is not the point! Haha, see the four mattresses stacked up together? And they were in the living room throughout the study week. I guess they're still there right now.

So here you are. The mattresses! They were like our Saviour man! We used them to study every night. How we studied you asked? We were lying down on the mattresses and studied at the same time. And if you were wondering, 2 mattresses are from the unoccupied room on the first floor and the other 2 are from Daniel's room. So, we decided to have some fun when we first came up with this idea of bringing these 4 mattresses out.

Sandwiched! Okay, I admit I admit. We were dumb, we were childish but that was the only way to keep us awake! Haha, this sem was different like what I mentioned earlier. Last sem we had like 4 of us studying together and this time we have Fye Yeh, Adrian and God! Woohoo! More people, more fun! Which means more time studying to replace the time we wasted fooling around and of course...less sleep! Seriously, staying up till 5.30am everyday is not an easy task k?! With the cool and quiet environment, there is no way...NO WAY you could stay awake. So what kept us awake?

Owh man, NESCAFE does! This 'brown-coloured-good-smelling liquid' is like a catalyst man! Special thanks to Danish House for having 2 vending machine where the other one is useless. Totally USELESS and it even 'swallowed' my one buck and did not 'vomit' it back out. Cool! So yeah, drink two cups of hot mocha and they'll keep you awake till 4am!

So, 5 down and the last paper will be on this coming Tuesday. The papers are seriously really tough man! Oh gosh, won't wanna talk bout the past too. So, good luck for the remaining papers kay? Tcare and God Bless!

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