Everything happens for a reason...
Friday, February 13, 2009 17:17

OMG! I've only been in Ipoh for two days but it feels like 2 years! Friends are still in KL and I was like thinking, I gotta get myself something to do. I can't just sit in front of my lappie going online the whole day! And you know what? My handphone hardly beeps too. LOL! Waiting for my "buddies" to be back from KL and we'll be hanging out soon! Gotta hang out with them already. Phero, Edward, Jmay, Kyen, Jo...come back fast! (I have this feeling that I'm gonna get screwed by them =P)

Even Xtung messaged me on msn yesterday and asking me to tell her if I wanna hang out with her since she'll be leaving soon. OMG, I have plenty of time but I don't know where to go! Haha, today was kinda weird. I had this feeling to head back to my Alma Mater. Everything were all planned up properly and when I wanted to drive out, something went wrong with the air-conditioning system. So I gotta drive the car to some place near Fair Park, I was 'effing' frustrated kay? It's like so freaking boring at home, it is a weekday and my Ipoh friends are all still in KL. I wanted to drive back to SMI and the air-conditioning system went wrong. I was like WUDDAHELL?! I asked that guy how long it'll take to fix this mess and you know what he told me? "Owh, this is something really serious and it'll take me at least 2 hours to fix it". I was like "Yeah, GREAT! I won't have the time to visit SMI also!". But yea, I always believe that everything happens for a reason. I did not go to KL for a reason, my friends aren't here for me for a reason, the car's air-conditioning system went wrong for a reason and maybe I couldn't go to SMI for a reason.

Didn't wanna bother much. But somehow I met this guy who had something wrong with his air-conditioning system as well. well, he's a Punjabi and he really reminds me bout my buddy, Phero. Haha, this man is really cool man. He drives this white Perdana and he's bald and he was wearing this 'cool-and-cekap' sunglasses. He came right up to me and asked "What's wrong with your car?" and the conversation just carried on and on. He has a son in UTAR as well, so we have something in common. Been talking bout our future, boy's behaviour and stuffs. And they really make sense. 2 hours passed just like that! I was like "Cool man!" cause all this while, time passes so slow to me. The clock shows 1.45pm which means I still have time to visit my buddies in school.

Went back to my second home-the Scout Den. Haha, was so glad to see my friends there. I even saw Wei Hoe and Andrew. So we were like talking, talking and talking. Those guys who were once my juniors are all grown up now. Time flies, it really does. It was like just two years back when my batch was running the troop and now they are instead. I even joined them in this meeting which really made me feel old. I was like so outdated man! Haha, and they were there trying to keep me updated.

I entered the Scout Den and then the Council room. Gosh, the memories started flushing back into my head. I started to think back bout the past, recalling everything we did when we were there few years back. Those times when I get screwed, those times when I used to screw others and more. Sweet memories, sad memories, am still appreciating all those time we had together. Came back home having mixed feelings, am happy yet sad. So anyway, came home and started browsing through those photos we took since 2003 and I've managed to compile a few of these photos to be posted right here.

When we were having our 8km journey for our Usaha log, or was it 6km.

We were all PLs and PSs back then

Remember when we used to have stuffs every Friday?

The marching competition in Kampar

When we were running the troop by ourselves

And we were about to leave the troop

Remember the Campfire we organized in 2007?

And we left the troop...

till now...

What's left are just memories to be cherished

So yea, many stuffs were playing around in my head. But at least, today is way better. Maybe because I get to socialize with people a bit. Haha, friends will be heading back to Kampar later at 9pm. Have a safe journey k? Will be having a game or two of DotA one of these days in Infinity, hurry up and get back Phero! =P And I think I'm gonna sleep now cause I still have nothing to do! LOL! And it's Valentine's tomorrow. Lets see if everything turns out fine. Missing her =(

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