8th February 2009!
Sunday, February 8, 2009 14:43

Today is the 8th of February 2009! I got a photo from her few days back and that particular photo meant so much.

Yeap, it's the expiry date thingy that you could find coming with those Gardenia bread? And this particular loaf of bread is expiring today which is the 8th of February 2009! So you might be wondering, it does not mean anything to you if the bread expires today right? But it does to me, cause 8th of February means that we've been together for officially 2 months now.

2 months and there have been many times where we argued bout lots of stuffs but I'm sure we're arguing less already right? Many times you've been there for me whenever I needed someone but there are many times I couldn't be there for you when you needed me in return. And from there, many things come up. Am sorry for letting all these things happen but yea, I'll change.

Been thinking bout lots of stuffs these days too but yea, am really happy to be with you and the rest I guess they're better left untold. Will talk to you more when we meet tomorrow kay? Thank you for everything once again! <3

8th February 2009 - 63 days

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