3 days...
Saturday, February 21, 2009 22:03

It was Sunday. She came down to Ipoh and decided to be here for three days. So, the three days meant alot and I'm sure it really does mean alot to both of us. We might not have fun or exciting stuffs to do in Ipoh but those time spent together are priceless. Minor stuffs happened, stuffs like arguements or communication breakdown. But once again, I take them as challenges in life. I always said "Everything happens for a reason", I say so and I believe so! And for me, after these 3 days together, I believe we understand each other better thou. Praise God!

We had lunch together, walked around together and all these really meant alot. Not forgetting that we went for this movie at TGV on Tuesday. We were like standing in front of the screen and thinking what movie to watch. I promised her that I'll take her out for a movie and those movies were like Pink Panther 2, Ong Bak(or whatever the name is), Valkyrie, Underworld 3 and more Malay and Chinese movies. She wanted to watch Pink Panther 2 thou but yea, it was fully booked and then we had some problems with the other movies too so we ended up watching...

Oh God, a wrong decision. I should've known that the movie aint suitable! Argh, was kinda sad and hated myself thou but once again, "Everything happens for a reason" and that will not happen for the second time!

Sent her back to Kampar on Wednesday and once again, her trip to Ipoh for that 3 days really meant alot. Praise God once again as it's already 75 days now! And it's getting stronger day by day! <3

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