Toufu and Kuan Cheng's Birthday Celebration!
Sunday, January 11, 2009 10:32

Last Tuesday was Toufu and Kuan Cheng's birthday. Sorry I did not blog about this post till today. Haha, so we had this celebration at my house. 1595 became a warzone on that day la! So with lots of planning, we also had lots of fun. Sent the birthday boy back home after classes and we started to go around Kampar to hunt for stuffs. Took us like few hours to settle everything. Everyone was there by 8.30pm I guess and I was too 'free', thought of going to Esther's house to wish Kumara since it was also his birthday. Go there and came back with coselaw all over my body! Ewww, gotta bath after that.

So we started to eat, 132 bucks of pizza. GOSH! And we have this loving couple around thou. Guess who?

Let's forget bout this couple stuffs. Done with eating, my friends started to play cards. And where was I? Was outside planning. Wow, all those cekap plannning! Haha, so they were playing cards :

Now the fun comes! Birthday boy comes out, sing birthday song, make wishes and then CHAOS!!! I'll just summarize everything we had planned for the birthday boy here aite? First it was the magic candles where they wont go off even how hard you try to blow them. Next it was time for 500g of cream! Thirdly, we have a bucket of ice water + detergent then we have flour and lastly we have TOUFU! I mean those real toufu that you get in TESCO! Ewww, and some random pics from that day, enjoy!

Yeap, everyone enjoyed playing with flour and all. Let's see what these people got to say :

"Play with flour some more and I'll throw this slipper at you, wanna try? *smile*"

"Cekap la, now I really look like Kusanagi! Thanks guys! *thumbs up*"

So anyway, was so dirty that I decided to bath. Bathed and came down, took Clement's motorcycle and went to Kumara's place. GREAT! It was photo taking time, they tarik me inside and I was all wet! Kena splashed with water and all. Seriously, I bathed like 3 times that night! Pity Westlake's laundry service man! =P. Okay, done playing and it was time to clean up which was the hardest part but still there were people around, they just love to SS la!

Done with everything, went out to Ghany for supper and we had to get up at 6am the next morning for the orientation programme. Once again, Happy Birthday Toufu, Kuan Cheng & Kumara. And I'm trying to get the photos from Kumara's birthday. Till the next post, tcare and God Bless!

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