New Year Celebration 2009!
Saturday, January 10, 2009 21:27

Sorry people for not updating for so so long. Been a busy week! Will start today's post with the New Year celebration at Seu Sin's place. It's 2009! What are your New year resolutions? Have a great year up ahead aite? So it was the 31st of December 2008 which was the last day of 2008. We had BBQ and the last time we had BBQ was at Toufu's place last sem.

It was a busy day thou but anyway it was a 'perfect' celebration. Perfect as in the whole class turned up. Was really happy to see them there especially 'God'! Somehow I am very glad to have these people in my life, was browsing through the photos we took during Sem 1 and compared to our relationship back then, it is just so so different. Love them! Who turned up for the BBQ you asked?

Sorry if i left anyone out cause I do not have the photos. Sorry people! And yes, I was so so hungry that night and I am very sure that the rest are too. And you know it's BBQ so we had to wait and stuffs. We were like "Faster man! My stomach's crying!". But it was superbly fun! Those lame jokes and stuff. And not forgetting, 'blasting' those speakers were so fun and satisfying. Haha, special thanks to Bong, Toufu and Clement. Cekap speakers and sound surround!

Since we had a few motorcycles and cars, we decided to 'ronda' around Westlake and started to wish strangers HAPPY NEW YEAR! The 'cekap' thing is those driving the cars and those riding the motorcycles were all newbies, including me! Yeap, accidents happen and thank God it was not that serious. Take care la, Brother Looi. "Ingatlah orang tersayang!" =P

So it was near 12am and we went to Westlake. the funny thing is that it was already over 12am and we still decided to scream! Beers, sparkling juice, party sprays were everywhere. Happy New Year, people! Done with the screaming and it was photo taking time! My favourite! Haha, enjoy!

Okay, and before I get 'flamed', the girls did not drink, they only took the beer bottles because they were 'drunk'! Haha.

Done with photo taking and we went back to Seu Sin's place and we had this sharing session where I used to have during my days in high school. Sorry for having it so late at night and I am really really sorry that it ended at 4am, it was a huge group. I always know that sharing sessions do bring those involved closer to one another. Thank God it was a holiday the next day! So anyway, best wishes from me and Happy New Year to all of you!

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