My as well.....
Friday, January 23, 2009 21:15

Stuffs just turned out to be different these two days.

Mixed feelings but they're more on the sad side I suppose =(

"The greatest gift you could give someone is time" which sounds so nice, so meaningful but am I trying to be that 'someone' to provide 'someone else' that particular gift. Am trying and I guess the rest are better left untold.

Many times when you let people down, many times when you wanted to change but things just don't turn out to be how you want them to be.

I take them as challenges, as obstacles in life and there are more of them ahead. Things get worse when you are not doing your part. There are even times when you actually hate yourself though.

Well, there are stuffs that are better left untold as I mentioned earlier. Even when I don't blog about it but there are times where....

"Over my Candybar . For me to know . For you to guess . " that means so much.

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