Inter-class Talk Show Competition 2009
Saturday, January 17, 2009 23:16

As promised, today's update would be on the Inter-class Talk Show Competition 2009 which was held last Friday. And if you remember, we had "The Crappy Show" on Christmas Eve last month :

The poster looks kinda familiar right? Yeap we had "The Crappy Show"(Xmas Special) for Public Speaking. Once again, for those who are lost, we had this talk show assignment for Public Speaking where we were supposed to come up with a topic and of course, a talk show! You know, like "Whose Line is it Anyway" or "The Oprah Winfrey Show". And we came up with "The Crappy Show" where we have :

Aaronsubramaniam @ Mutusamy as the host

Daniel as Mr. Curly Singh

Yan Ming as Ms. Tong Sum Pa

Li Wen as Ms. Ong Ah Hua

Once again, the title for our show was "How to spend one million dollars in a stupid way". Did the show during Christmas Eve and we really did enjoyed it. But somehow, that was not it. We were one of the four teams chosen for the Inter-class Talk Show Competition 2009 which was held in DDK1 last week. So yea, with all our efforts and all, Praise God!

And this time, it was New Year's Special with new banners and stuffs. Sorry people for making you all to spend so much =( And thanks to those who supported all the way! Love you people! All those sleepless nights and all, really appreciate everything you guys did! And yea, last Saturday was the big day with another 3 groups. Let the photos do the talking aite?

So here you are, "The Crappy Show"(CNY Special!)

Okay, and remember I mentioned bout the commercial we had? Please refer to my previous posts for more information. i even have the whole video on my previous post. So once again the commercial is somehow like a superhero commercial where we called it "Dramatic Four". Even that changed from Xmas Special! to Chinese New Yeat edition. So here are the posters!

The Christmas version!

Chinese New Year version!

The "Dramatic Four" idea actually came up after we planned to have a movie preview for our talk show instead of those normal adverts. And somehow, we wanted to make it original and funny. So, here you are!

We were actually quite worried before the competition but once again, Praise God! Luckily we did not reject the offer cause I am sure this competition really brought us together, especially my classmates! Thank you people once again! Here are the photos, and before I forget, we actually had something extra for "The Crappy Show"-CNY Special! that is the God of Prosperity.

The night before the competition at my house :

The competition was held the next day and I was so so nervous! But we had supporters! I would like to thank them as well!

The other teams did quite well but I guess we were okay, we managed to get 3rd and we were against Kumara's team. His team was quite cekap, love those jokes. Yeap, I looked quite disappointed the other day but it's normal la. Aaron is like that but I'm totally alright now! Third placing aint that bad right?

Once again, I would like to thank every single one of you who made our talk show possible, even from the beginning! Thank you Ms. Chuah for actually giving us this opportunity to work together and have fun. We really hope you'll enjoy teaching the next batch of students like how you enjoyed teaching us. Thank you to my groupmates for baring with me, all those stupid ideas and stuffs. Really enjoy working with you people! Special thanks to my classmates for helping out! Especially Toufu as the God of Prosperity, Clement for AVA, Anna for photography and the rest for helping out-Lui Gor, Pooi Sian, Fye Yeh and the rest of you. Really do appreciate every single thing you people did for us! As I mentioned earlier, this talk show competition really did brought us closer to one another. Praise Him once again! And we shall let this bond to grow yea?

Not sure what my next update would be on but I guess I wont be updating for a while as exams are near, VERY NEAR! And I am so not prepared! So good luck people! Went for cell meeting earlier with fellow UTARians in CGBC and it was really fun. Am looking forward for the next meeting and Adrian could not stop making me laugh! Teruk guy la! Anyway, till the next update, tcare and God Bless!

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