Chinese New Year & Exams!
Thursday, January 29, 2009 23:30

It's Chinese New Year! Woohoo! Am I supposed to be happy? Haha. Seriously, there were like so many problems this week. Was sick, had fever and I thought it'll be fine after a game of badminton. Alright, sent Daniel a text message and we were off to stadium. Dah la kena bully by this uncle there and for your information, this uncle did not pay, did not book a court or anything and he was playing on this court which we booked earlier. Okay so I went up to him, he saw me and said "OK OK, mali main. Saya kasi lu orang warm up". I looked at Daniel and we actually played with this man te whole time till Jyi Haow came.

Went back home and I felt worse, thought I would feel better after sweating though. Went to the doc and she said "Aaron, I suspect it's dengue cause you're having a very high temperature. I'm afraid you'll have to do a blood test". GONE! Dah la Aaron paling "takut" injection. Haha. Waited for the report from Gribbles that night and they called. Thank God it was dengue negative. Had sore throat the next day. OMG, it hurt so bad. TONSILITIS! Went back to the doc and got a jab. INJECTION lagi! But yea, still having a lil sore throat but am recovering. Guess I'll be fine by examinations.

Talking bout examinations. Teruk man, I actually brought the whole stack of books back to Penang and I was doing Maths in my aunty's house. My uncle, who was a Math's teacher came and tell me "Aaron, to suceed you need 99% hardwork and 1% luck". Total LOL, means no choice, have to study kau kau. Haha. So yea, came back to Ipoh, got some more red packets and a day closer to A009! Good luck people! Just came back from reunion dinner and I'm half drunk thanks to my uncle. Haha, and I still have Programming to settle with. Till the next post, take care and God Bless. Happy CNY!

A random photo I took while I was waiting for my mom in the car.

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