A 'satisfishing' meal!
Friday, December 5, 2008 00:25

It was last Sunday when I received a phone call. The conversation was something like this ;

Aaron : Hello
Anonymous : Hello, is this Mr. Aaron Chew?
Aaron : Yeap?
Anonymous : I'm calling from Kampar Police Station...
Aaron : Yeah, so...?

*line terputus & I received another call few minutes later*

Aaron : Hello?
Anonymous : SORRY, no credit!
Aaron : *ROFL* Police station no credit?!

So actually I recognized that guy's voice. It was actually Yu Jin. He's a friend of mine who's kinda special. He likes fishing! Seriously, Aaron has no interest in fishing. I repect you la, bro! I couldn't join him the previous time he got this HUGE fish and sent this fish to the restaurant. But this time, he invited me. Cekap man, and ever wonder how big was the fish? It was HUGE man! Seriously!

And did I mention that this friend of mine really loves fishing? As in LOVE love?! Haha

So he got some huge fishes, sent them to the restaurant and invited us for dinner. There were like 20++ of us! A 'satisfishing' dinner, as described by Jia Huei. There were like fishes here and there and thanks so much for the dinner, Yu Jin! Love it! It was really really satisfying and fun at the same time as we were playing with Daniel's stomach and all. LOL! Ms Chuah joined us too thou, super cool!

So once again, thanks for everything. Was busy with our talk show stuffs earlier. busy with 'cash'! Lots of them. Haha. Ohya, good luck for those who will be having their talk show next week yea? And all the best for Chemistry II next week *sigh*. Till then, goodnight and God Bless!

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