Ipoh Trip & my birthday!
Tuesday, December 2, 2008 20:35

OMG! My blog is dying, and I'm here to revive it! Lol, anyway so sorry bout the extremely late update. Once again, just got the photos from Anna today. Thanks Anna! Did some simple editing because of time limitation? Anyway, here are some of the random shots I took in UTAR today. Combined them together and this is what I got;

Photos taken during lecture, reading room and Ms. Chuah's room ( Thanks Ms. Chuah!).

As promised, this post is gonna be about the Ipoh trip we had few weeks back I suppose, to celebrate Anna's birthday. Happy Birthday, Anna. It's belated now. So anyway, there were like 20 of us who went down to Ipoh, FROM KAMPAR! Imagine *sigh*, so we actually made it there with 4 cars - mine, lui gor's, seu sin's & bro. cheng's. Haha. Reached Ipoh and ad our breakfast at McD, and seriously, there's this burger (forgotten the name) but it tasted so so good! So it was 20 people + 4 cars = UNLIMITED FUN & CHAOS! =P

Headed to Parade after that - KBOX was our destination. I have to admit, I was never interested in karaoke. Not even when I was in high school, places we usually go during high school would be Jusco, IMAX, Infinity, yum cha and that's it. KBOX is not in the list! So it was actually my first time being there, and it was okay I suppose, spent like 5 hours there and we were HYPER! Celebrated Anna's birthday there too, so here you are, more edited pics! Enjoy!

I had to go after that, so sorry bout what happened yea? So, the gang went for dinner without me and I maanged to get some photos from Anna =D

That's all about the Ipoh Trip. So it was Pooi Siang's and my birthday celebration at Clarence's place. Woah! Cekap birthday celebration, thanks guys! Once again cake + cream + ice water + detergents + honey + DotA + a lil pole dancing = TOTAL CHAOS & FUN! Haha, more shots from that day.

Love my cake, thanks so much guys! Really appreciate it! Cause it's orange! Aaron loves orange! LOL! And if you notice the lil cockroach there? They knew I 'was' afraid of cockroaches. That's why, and the cake ended up on my face! Haha.

And thanks so much for the gifts and presents. The pants! and kai ma's present, loving it! The card she wrote me was so cute, love it too, cause once again, it's orange in colour! Thanks kai ma! *hugs*. And thanks to Clarence once again for having the celebration in his house. Till the next post, tcare and God Bless!

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