Christmas Eve's Talk Show
Thursday, December 25, 2008 10:33

Had our talk show yesterday after so many days of hard work. And I guess "The Crappy Show" turned out quite fine or should I say it was GOOD! Cause I felt we did better than what I expected.

And for those who's still lost, "The Crappy Show" is a talk show hosted by me, Aaronsubramaniam @ Mutusamy (Don't ask me how I managed to come up with that name). And the three guests are Yan Ming aka Ms. Tong Sum Pa who is a local beggar, Daniel aka Mr. Curly Singh who is a nerdy Punjabi and Li Wen aka Ms. Ong Ah Hua who is a village girl. So generally, it's a talk show we had to do for Public Speaking and we really enjoyed every part of it!

And if you read the intro shown above and you still don't get what our talk show is all about, we actually discussed on "How to spend a million dollars in a stupid way" and the three guests actually shared on how they spent their one million dollars stupidly! So they were actually millionaires!

And as I was saying yesterday, I actually enjoyed the most preparing for our commercial throughout the talk show. I remember we were brainstorming about what we should do for our commercial. We were like thinking of advertising some products and stuffs but we actually managed to produce a SUPERHERO COMMERCIAL! And it was a very fun yet tiring process of producing that particular commercial. Once again, to those who's lost, we actually did this commercial and it is a superhero commercial :

Haha, I know it is kinda lame but it was MEANT TO BE LAME! So yea, Dramastic Four! So we have :

And here is the commercial video that I promised to upload. Enjoy!

For "The Dramastic Four" commercial, credits go to :

Ideas & Suggestions
Aaron Chew
Bong Yi Cheng
Daniel Lee
Jia Huei
Kai Liang
Li Wen
Yan Ming

Daniel Lee

Aaron Chew
Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee
Yan Ming

Photography & Photo Editing
Aaron Chew

Aaron & Daniel's house
UTAR, Kampar

Aaron Chew as Jumper
Daniel Lee as Mr. Dramastic
Li Wen as X-Girl
Yan Ming as Invisible Woman
Clarence as lecturer
Toufu as Mr. Dramastic's victim
Pooi Siang as X-Girl's victim
Jessica Lee as hostage
Jia Huei as villain
Students from TD1

Bong Yi Cheng
Daniel Lee
Sing Kit
Li Wen
Yan Ming

And for those that contributed but they were not listed, am so sorry cause these are those that I can recall for now. Thanks to everyone once again!

I said something after our talk show yesterday but I think I'm gonna say it again right here. So yea, as I said earlier I really enjoyed the talk show, every single part of it! And of course, the commercial! Great job, guys! Thanks Ms Chuah for giving us this opportunity to actually work together as a team and we really were happy with the comments you gave us yesterday. Thanks so so much!

So anyway, am very happy that I get to work with Daniel, Yan Ming and Li Wen which we never had the chance to do so before this. We were always stuck with our own group before this and for this talk show, I'm sure we had lots of fun and we definitely get to know each other better! Am sorry that I came up with lots and lots of ideas but I'm seriously very happy that you guys actually buy my ideas. Haha, the superhero thingy and stuffs. But I guess it was also because of me that we actually spent quite much for the talk show and for you guys not having enough sleep for the past few days! Sorry once again. So we have :

Daniel who I always work with. You really contributed a lot, your videos are just awesome! I was actually kinda stressed up when I saw the presentational aids and commercials that Ms. Chuah showed us the other day and we were like totally not prepared. So, I guess I actually pushed you a little. Am sorry yea? But I seriously respect you able to produce such 'cekap' videos. The commercial especially! You always told me that you are more talented in editing videos which makes us a great combination. Edited photos + Edited videos = COOL product! Haha.

Next we have Yan Ming. LOL, it was kinda hard to find a character that you can actually portray and you actually became a local beggar. Tong Sum Pa rawks! Haha! You always said you did not contribute much but I feel you contributed more than enough. Thank you so much for helping out with everything, from the scripts, the transitions, the acting and of course in deco. Am very happy to work with you and Li Wen. And bout the commercial, you really do look cute la! Am loving the commercial as much as you do! Thanks for everything and thanks for saying "CHILL, Aaron Chew!" so many times!

And Li Wen, like to kacau you la. Cause you are the village girl and the Roti Canai idea I suggested, really am happy that you buy my idea! In fact, you were always the first one to say "YES!" whenever I suggest something. Thanks so much, cause if it wasn't because of you. I wouldn't be contributing that much, haha! You are indeed a great actor, cekap la! And sorry for making you act outside my house, under the hot Sun and stuffs! But I like your video man, will buy you roti canai next time k? Haha!

Lastly, we would like to thank everyone that made our talk show possible. Without you guys, I am sure we will not be able to produce such a talk show. So once again, sorry for all the trouble and thanks for everything!

Will be uploading more pics and videos from the talk show in the next post. Till then, Merry Christmas and God Bless!

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