CGBC's Youth Camp
Tuesday, December 16, 2008 19:46

Back for yet another update. Before that, remember I mentioned that I plan to have a new skin for Christmas? Guess that's not gonna happen. Why? Because I'll be kinda busy these few weeks till Christmas! I will be having my talk show on Christmas eve. And more! - assignments, tests and stuffs. Sigh.

Went for CGBC's Youth Camp last week which was held in Stella Maris, Penang. Yeah! STELLA MARIS! Brings back memories yea? We had our LTC Camp at the very same place 2 years back. How time flies! So anyway, went there together with a few Utarians, the camp was from Friday to Sunday but we only managed to go on Saturday cause we had replacement classes on Saturday.

Bout the camp, I would not actually use the word 'fun' to describe it because I was sick, very sick! So I was in my room most of the time but I really did enjoyed the worship sessions. At least I realised I got to know Him better through this camp. Joseph is indeed a great speaker, he made me think a lot but it was all worth it. So anyway, some random photos from Stella Maris!

Once again, I enjoyed worship sessions the most during the camp. Not beach games, not dancing but worship session! I actually cried 2 to 3 times during worship and prayer. Yeah, Aaron cried! =( Somehow I do feel I have lots of stuffs to worry about these days although I kept telling 'her' I don't. Went through the camp and I'm feeling differently already. Everything happens for a reason and I'll just let Him lead the way. I did almost everything that I think I should but things do not turn out the way I wanted it to be. So we'll just have to see how things be in the future I suppose.

So we reached Stella Maris in the evening and they were having Beach Games. Met many of my friends there thou. Daryl who came back from Melbourne, Yen Wei, Yen Mei, Adrian, Samuel and Joshua were among those I met. And bout Samuel, that guy really have talent! Seriously, I guess you kinda made the right choice to put God before scouting back then. Keep it up, bro!

8 days and I'm loving you more day by day. You said you were shining like the brightest star when I said I love you. Continue shining because when I said I won't let you go, I meant it! <3

A few photos from this post are taken from Anna

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