Cameron Trip
Sunday, December 28, 2008 00:31

I actually ended up in Pahang after breakfast yesterday! How?

Dad : After breakfast, and it's still early. Wanna go Taiping?
Mom : Okay! Let's go. Din go for so long edi la.
Me : Huh? Go Taiping for what?
Mom : Go there buy stuffs cheap ma.
Me : Aiyo, you go there buy stuffs cheap? Including petrol and toll money also don't
know how much already la. I rather save the money and go to Camerons!
Parents : Okay! Aaron, you drive!

Yeap, swt! I ended up driving to Cameron Highlands after breakfast. Without getting the chance to grab my stuffs or get changed. It was my idea after all so I had to drive right? No complaints! And the last time I went to Cameron was like 15 years back! As if I know how to drive there. Dad was like "Aiya, very easy only. I'll show you the way". Fine, I drove and it took us like 2 hours to get to Tanah Rata. Why? because the traffic was so so teruk! and I was like half-dead

It took me like 1 hour++ to reach Brinchang, which is a town in Cameron and we haven't even reach Tanah Rata yet. OMG! But luckily the weather was not hot la. Duh! It's Cameron Highlands! And I love the weather so much! And it started drizziling after that. I was like "Drive so susah up here and it's raining?!". Then I realised no line, which means no text messaging! So so sorry that I couldn't reply those messages and I actually made someone worried. Sorry =(

Continued driving up to Tanah Rata for lunch. And started to buy stuffs for relatives. And I managed to get a few for my friends too! Headed to Cameron Valley for tea after that. Love the tea there and also OREO CHEESE CAKE! *Satisfaction*! XP And I managed to snap some pics there too.

And yea, somehow I realised those people in Cameron are so so friendly! And did I mention they're helpful too? So anyway, grabbed some stuffs and drove down cause it was late. Dad was driving that time cause I was half dead! It was sunset that time, and the view from up there was just awesome! Managed to ask dad to stop a side, got down the car and started to snap Snap SNAP! XD

Photos added to "More than just sunsets"

More random photos :

And I was quite happy yesterday thou cause I guess God actually answered my prayer. Got to actually solve something I wanted to solve long ago. Praise God for that! And am looking forward for the cell that Ms. Chuah suggested. Will pray for it! I realised that it has been a while since I went to church till that time when I went to Youth Camp in Penang. Really hope that God will answer my prayer again this time. God is good! <3

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