Sunday, November 16, 2008 03:27

So sorry for not updating my blog these 2 weeks. Something went wrong with my adapter. Couldn't use my lappie! =( Planned to call Dell last week but it was a hectic week - assignments followed by Physics and Maths exams! Gosh, I guess they were okay as compared to those I had during my first semester. "Aaron is trying real hard to love Maths", that was what I used for my Facebook status and I'm serious! Haha, somehow I have this 'suka Maths' feeling and I hope that I do not need to struggle like what I did last semester!

So anyway, it was last 2 weeks I suppose, my 5 mins presentation for Public Speaking. I didn't really know what I wanted to share till 2 days before the presentation I suppose. So I actually shared about this;

Photography by Chun Fye (Chun Fye's Blog)

Photography, Photo editing and blogging. LOL! Not-that-attractive-and-cekap topic right? I couldn't figure out a topic for me to talk about for that day so I chose something that I could relate to somehow. And I guess it turned out okay cause if it did not, Miss Chuah would have said something. Something like "Aaron, it was so obvious that you were not prepared"? (Hope she does not see this =P) But she didn't mention anything, so I guess mine was not that bad, haha. Thanks Miss Chuah! So, a photo of us;

Somehow I feel I look funny in this pic. I demand another photo! =S

So anyway, I guess we headed to TESCO on that day. Or maybe a few days later. And DO NOT ask me anything bout the next photo >.<

I blame stress! =P

And yea, there was some construction thingy going on near Block B last week. So we had to take another route to class. Daniel and I decided to explore UTAR thou, and we realised there is this field near the library and it gives me this 'university-life' feeling, like DUH! . You know when you go to some university's websites and they'll have like banners or posters showing students lying on the grass and stuffs? That kind of feel, or should I say...freedom?! *evil laugh*

We had this Chemistry practical class last Wednesday and there's this part of the experiment where we had to do it outside the lab. Opportunity la wei, how often can we get to go outside during practical and during Mr. Ng's class?! Cause sometimes 3 hours are just *speechless*. Beh tahan. So Aaron started la, took opportunity to snap, Snap, SNAP! Haha. And 'kai ma' a.k.a Jess actually hurt her finger during the experiment or should I say she had this 'cute-lil-flame' on her finger, lol. But I guess she's fine now, a small blister perhaps and she's sick for the past few days. You'll be fine, kai ma! Get well soon! =D

That experiment made me spent like 3-4 hours to complete my report just now, gosh! Alkanes and alkenes can really kill students man! Decided to update my blog after completing my report and it's already 3am now. Couldn't even get enough sleep in Ipoh! Sniff Sniff. Once again, won't be updating my blog for quite some time until I get my adapter fix. Thank God I have a desktop here in Ipoh. Till then, tcare and to fellow Utarians, good luck for Chemistry and Programming next week yea? Nitex!

And yea, Keng Zheng can really make me laugh man! Diam diam ubi berisi, I din know or even realise that he's one 'crappy' fella. ROFL! You're the best, man! Hope to know you better for the days to come =D

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