Tempura fever
Friday, October 17, 2008 14:07

More UTAR pics from yesterday! Physics and Maths lecture yesterday - the horror! But I think I will like Physics and Maths this semester...I hope! Or I'll be dead like the previous semester. Gosh!

Okay, classes till 5pm yesterday. Came back, wanted to sleep for like an hour or so but we went out for dinner at around 6pm. So in the end, NO NAP! Cause Jess wanted to watch her drama at 8.30. LOL! Went to Sushi King after that, last day of the promotion I think. So everything was 2 ringgit. The queue was so long, waited so long and went in. All of us were like waiting for unagi and tempura only. Haha, so when we see purple plates, we were all ready. In the end, got like 9 plates of tempura per table. LOL! at least I got 9 plates of tempura on my table la. Haha, imagine if we are paying the original price. Gosh!

Look at those purple plates! Satisfaction! Try to spot Yan Ming, and she said she felt guilty. Haha.

Reached home quite late after that, friends came to my house to gamble! LOL! without money that is. I was busy updating my blog, I've created this album for those photos I took with my phone and edited with Photoscape. So yea, once again, you guys can click the the image below or the banner i created above the page.

Ohya, couldn't get my car started this morning, and I have like 2 hours more for lecture. OMG! Sucks man, went and call Jia Huei and went out to get the foreman. Thank God he only charged me 20 bucks. Haha.

Sent Yan Ming and Li Wen back after class, the Sun was so 'cekap' and Aaron started to snap photos again. Haha. Met I-Jiao after that, he was cycling under the hot sun! Omg, and he was so curious why was I taking photos of the Sun =P

Got this photo from Bong's profile

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