Penang Trip
Monday, October 13, 2008 18:50

Okay, our trip to Penang! More updates and more photos! This post would not be that long but there will be quite a number of pics. A picture is worth a thousand words right? So I'll let the photos do all the talking. Enjoy!

Taken near Gopeng, on our way to Kampar to meet up with the rest. Love the old buildings and the sunrise effect.

I was busy snapping this photo while driving. I wanted to snap it so badly because it was just so nice. The sun, the clouds and the trees. Perfect! =D

This was taken by Daniel when we were on the way to the jetty. Notice the Waja in front? That is Jia Huei's car.

I like this pic so much that I decided to edit it. It started to rain when we were on our way back to Ipoh. I was hoping to see a rainbow thou =P

This is NOT the Penang Bridge, this is somewhere near town I guess.

The view from YMCA.

Ah, the sunset effect again. This was taken near Daniel's place.

Went to USM when we reached Penang to meet up with Anna's friend, Sandra - a very very friendly person. Thanks for bringing us around =D

Next up, Queensbay Mall! Went there for the second time, bought myself a tee shirt again!

The guys, and thanks Clarence for everything!

Went to Nando's for lunch after that.

I recommended them to take this pic in Queensbay. Cool! Haha

Came here at night for dinner. Lots of food! Love Penang! Jia Huei had like 7 servings!

Came here for lunch the next day. The jelly-like thingy is so delicious =D

We were in Gurney Plaza the next afternoon and there was this Korean function.

We headed back to Kampar at around 2pm, and this time we took the ferry. More camwhoring!

Yeap, our tour guide. Thanks again!

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