Judging someone?
Saturday, October 4, 2008 14:18

I actually laughed a lot when I was talking to my mom about the past just now. The past as in the beginning of my university life. Haha. People say "Never judge a book by its cover". My friend, Daniel Hazmy had a post on his blog about first impression, I think. I remember giving my university friends a very bad 'impression'. My schoolmates asked me how's university life? And I will always say my first month in UTAR was tough, really tough! Tough as in it was a whole new environment where you do not know anyone and people come to you and started to speak in Mandarin, Hokkien and so on. Haha, you know la, banana like me? susah only.

Thinking back, my 'classmates' now were total strangers to me when I first got to UTAR. Duh! And yea, I think the impression I gave them was...I don't know. Haha, I remember I was late for most of the classes due to some reasons during my first week in UTAR and you know, you enter the class and 26 pairs of eyes are all on you. LOL! You sit down and the lecturer will come up to you, she will then ask you 'a million' reasons why you were late. You answer her questions while the class listens to both of you. After that, you realized you forgot to bring those stuffs you supposed to for lecture. The lecturer will come to you and you'll have to listen to her 'lectures' AGAIN! Just imagine what the class thinks about you - "That guy's a loser!" Haha.

Daniel and I started to mix around after that. Forming groups for presentations and assignments was another headache. You know, when you give people a 'bad' impression, they will just stay away from you. And we were like "Can we be in the same group? You know, the other groups are full". Their answers would be
"You better make sure you guys work!". An impression of 'not doing work' type of person. Haha, another thing. Remember when I said never judge a book by its cover earlier? I admit I judged people before and those 'people' are my friends now. Very good friends, LOL!

So anyway, you see their appearance, actions or character and you started to judge them. You would say
"I just hope I wont end up in the same class with that nerd". Somehow, that 'nerd' is your future classmate! Do not be surprised. Haha, somehow I feel all these are made that way and you can't change them. The person you hate the most would end up in the same class with you and he/she might even be your best friend in the future. Funny but it's true, at least I experienced it before. Judging someone is a natural thing, my friends told me they judged me based on the first impression I gave them during the first week in UTAR. I asked them what do they think about me. The answers they gave me were quite disappointing and funny at the same time. At least they know I'm not like what they think I am. Haha.

So anyway, my friends and I could spend hours sitting down talking about all this judging or 'first impression' thingy, we laughed but that's what we did. We judge you. How arrogant looking you were, how proud you were and now, we're like the best of friends. Like Adrian said, the future is unpredictable! I don't even know why am I having this post but I just feel like sharing all these with you guys since I'm free. Haha, you judge someone but you'll never understand them until you know them better.

First impression is not everything! Well, I know I should not judge people just by their appearances, actions or so whatever and I hope you guys do not judge people that way too. Spend some time understanding them. As I mentioned earlier, those people you used to hate so much might be your good friends now. Like what Daniel Hazmy mentioned in his post, you can judge me however you want, but I am who I am. I might have judged you before but YOU are who YOU ARE!

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