His birthday, her birthday!
Thursday, October 30, 2008 17:28

Sorry for the extremely late update! Many of my friends are already complaining, they were like asking me bout "li wen's birthday celebration" update. I just received the photos a few days back, that's why. So anyway, here it is. Once again, as usual, there will be more photos and less words. Somehow I feel like my blog is more like a photoblog. Haha.

So, it was the 24th of October or was it on the 23rd. Anyway, we celebrated their birthday. 'Their' as in Li Wen's on the 26th and Yi Cheng's on the 22nd. So, Happy Birthday, guys! Okay, we had this celebration at Clarence's house and thanks so much, Clarence! And sorry bout the security guard thing XP

And here goes, pics, pics, and more pics!

These were among those who attended the birthday thingy. There were more actually.

Yeah, the girls!

And us, this was taken after the cake throwing and stuffs. The cream and stuffs, gosh!

Yi Cheng's cake, 90% cream I suppose XD

This is the proper one, 100% cake, but the birthday girl got cream all over her face too!

And more random pics from that day ;

Was doing my Maths tutorial yesterday. I realized it was sunset, so I ran down and forced Daniel to accompany me out. To snap photos! Haha, Aaron likes sunsets!

Added to "More than just sunsets".

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