Aaron misses his friends!
Wednesday, October 8, 2008 19:08

Another busy day, woke up early today because Adrian, Daniel and I decided to go to SMI and pay our friends and teachers a little visit. Got into the car, fetched Daniel and headed to school, met Adrian at the front gate and went in. Was supposed to go at around 10 something but our lower 6 friends were having their exams, so their recess was at around 9am. Gosh, so early! But I'm happy that I get to meet them, miss them! Saw loads of people, we even had our breakfast in school. Adrian was like "Wow, it's been a while since we had such cheap food!". LOL!

Ohya, I even met Pui Yee. The last time I saw her was during school play. Said hi to her cause if I don't, I'm gonna kena from her! Haha, just joking. Pretty as always =P Form 6 life is kinda fun, from how I see it. Adrian was like "Chicks are the worst distractions in SMI." Went around looking for teachers after that, Mr. Panir! "Sir, do you know when we copied during Moral exams everytime?", I asked. Panir was like "OF COURSE LA!", still the happening teacher I used to know. Saw Pn. Usha too, my Form 2 teacher, surprisingly she still remembers my name and my class when I was in Form 2, cool! Walked around and Adrian asked me, "Aaron, why Michalieans are like so dark nowadays, Chinese are like Indians!". Passed by the basketball court and we saw humans playing basketball under the hot sun! It was like hot HOT! and there they were, in the middle of the court.

Lepak for a while and went to parade cause Adrian wanted to buy a bag. Parade wasn't open that time, so we were in Parkson - the TOY DEPARTMENT! Did some shit there, bought the bag and went back. Had lunch with mom and some of my mom's friends. And there we were, in Kopitiam, cause my house's Internet connection sucks! Went to Kopitiam for the Internet connection. Why? BECAUSE RESULTS ARE OUT! I went online, Yan Ming nudged me and said "Aaron, results are out! OMG!". It was so hard to get into the portal but I managed to somehow. Thank God I passed, was expecting myself to fail Maths thou. Ohya, before I forget, thanks Yan Ming and Jia Huei for informing me bout the results.

So anyway, went to stadium again, this time for swimming with Adrian, Daniel and Toufu. Started to rain after that so we went to IMAX to check Toufu's results. Okay, so we all passed and Adrian was shouting and screaming in IMAX. People were looking at us as thou we came out from Gua Niah. Wasted RM1 just because of that, sent them home and came back. Dead tired now, gonna drive down to Kampar tomorrow to get the slip and we're gonna help Daniel to shift some stuffs to my house. Wont be updating my blog for some time cause Penang trip coming up! *happy* Till then, take care, goodnight and God Bless!

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